Sunset Overdrive Explodes Onto Xbox One October 28 [Video]

"This is the Awesomepocalypse"

Insomniac ready to release Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One October 28

Welcome to the world of Sunset City, a landscape quickly becoming the epitome of excitement. Insomniac has created this world in an attempt to invigorate the genre of open-world multiplayer shooter. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that is going on right now, has revealed that the title will be exclusive to the Xbox One and will release this year, October 28. What better way to learn about the project then from those working on it, here is an introduction video into Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive is the dream game Insomniac has been wanting to make for years. When the idea was proposed, nothing was concrete other than Insomniac demanding to have control over the IP and a desire to explore their many different interests that the company feels passionate about. They have even made a series videos talking about different concepts in the game, they call it Sunset TV; here is the most recent video.

 “This is the Awesomepocalypse”

Are you excited yet? Because Insomniac has pumped so much creativity into their level design, weapon choice, and character customization that the gaming industry is holding their breath. If it still doesn’t look like something to capture the imaginations of the world, it may not be good enough to sell the Xbox One. E3 this year isn’t about consoles, it is about games and this title is one of the big sellers for the Xbox One. But wait, all three systems have been out and selling, why is the focus on hit games right now? Many people have been waiting for something to grip them so strongly that they go out and buy a new system (while they wait for prices to go down). Most of these very powerful titles (like Kingdom Hearts III, the next Super Smash Bros. game and Halo 5: Guardians) have yet to come out. If you missed it, here is what Sunset Overdrive showed at E3.

What about the online situation? Many of the deeper details of gameplay have yet to be revealed, but it does look like there will be a maximum of eight players in one online session. Keep in mind, this information has since been taken down, (click Cinema Blend link for more details) but it did note this would be in the cooperative sense. What is already apparent about Sunset Overdrive is that it attempts to be anything other than ordinary, it tries to breathe new energy into gaming world in every way that it can; one huge way to do that is through online multiplayer. It would be surprising for Sunset Overdrive to tackle the very familiar concept of online play without a new twist, bringing in a bunch of friends and strangers for some high adrenaline action sounds exactly like what Insomniac would want to do.

“Chaos is coming”

Sunset Overdrive is planned to be exclusive for the Xbox One and is set to release October 28, 2014. These title is an odd one for Insomniac because it isn’t on a Sony console. Does it have what it takes to keep Xbox One fans happy or will Sony laugh out the outcome?

By Garrett Jutte
Cinema Blend
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  1. 30dBRebecca (@30dBRebecca)   June 10, 2014 at 9:20 am

    Xbox is only half the story. Ready for the latest chapter in the console war? Yesterday Microsoft kicked off the annual E3 conference with its new version of Xbox One – hoping to give veteran gamer, Sony, a run for its PS4.

    The crowd says, well, it’s too close to call, for now. #Xboxone and #PS4 index at dead even 60% positive in Twitter. Weapons include streaming capabilities, content, full on gaming features, etc. Stay tuned.


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