Survivorman and Rugaru [Videos]

Survivorman and Rugaru [Videos]

Not far beyond the swamps of Louisiana, a creature is said to roam about and make his presence known. The real, imagined or just legendary lore of a huge being still is alive and well in bedtime stories and myths. Late at night, he treks through the forests, leaving footprints and debris, over-turned tree stumps and the mystery of those who have disappeared. Hunters, farmers and county officials continue to do what they can to keep the area safe from his unwanted invasion. Everyone in his path becomes a survivorman, protecting their family and their very life against the threat of perceived danger. Rugaru…..

Although incidents are reported at random, the fear remains and still haunts local citizens enough to form ongoing searches for the elusive beast. Described as having the statue of a man, the creature is tall and wide, hairy and mysterious. Quietly living somewhere in the woods and forests, only a survivorman of an ultimate caliber would take on the challenge and quest to find him. Rugaru…..

He is known by many names around the world as he entices fear and awe. He is called the Boogie Man, Sasquatch, Ape-Man, Forest Devil and Bigfoot, just to name a few. The lure and wonder of the mysterious creature evokes the quest of ultimately finding the answer. Is he real or a fantasy of the imagination? A hoax or not, it has long been said that there is something out there.

Survivorman, the TV show, has given hope in narrowing down the search and has come close to locating what some call Bigfoot. The myth has continued for decades with numerous documentaries, books and scary stories. The evidence seems to point to a mysterious creature that has captured the attention of thrill seekers and scientists alike. Les Stroud of the Canadian based Discovery Channel show has admitted to a personal encounter in Alaska in 2009. Reports are shifty and photos are blurry by many a soul, but the hunt is still raging.

In the safe, warm confines of happy home, the myth is often laughed about, until a thud and a distant scream is heard outside. Survivorman mode quickly kicks into action and the dogs are released. In a spoof of the whole thing, fictional character Bubba Survivorman has even documented his own encounter. The well-meaning Cajun hick is an expert on gun safety, cooking, courtship and marriage tips as well as the proper handling of alligators. The character was created and is played by Tony Severio.

Severio is the mastermind behind the new feature film Rugaru. According to Laurentian French tradition, the Rougarou, also known as Rugaru, is the equivalent to Bigfoot. Severio wrote, directed and starred in the horror/thriller movie, which is available in DVD and VOD.

A small town in Louisiana is haunted by the mysterious creature after a voodoo curse is launched by a wanted thug. The whole area is on edge as officer Claude Bruneaux secures peace and calm while searching for the beast. This thriller is sure to make one wonder what goes on in the darkness and question their own safety. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye with the threat of the Rugaru.

Produced by Severio and Rhonda Aguillard, it stars Chris Severio, Joe Estevez and Randall Oliver in the lead role as Bruneaux. Oliver is a veteran of many commercials, short films and TV shows. Severio’s talent and experience in the bayous and woods of Louisiana adds a most realistic touch to the film. Watch out for the Rugaru…..

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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