Susan and Christopher Edwards Found Guilty in 1998 Mansfield Murder


Susan and Christopher Edwards, a couple from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, have been found guilty in the murder of Susan Edwards’ parents in 1998. They buried the parents in the backyard and were not found until 15 years later when the Edwards confessed to police. The couple was found guilty in court of the 1998 Mansfield murder.

Patricia and William Wycherley were the parents of Susan Edwards. Her and her husband partnered up and murdered her parents. The Wycherleys were both shot twice. They buried them in the Wycherley’s backyard. Police officials did not discover the bodies until this past October when the Edwards turned themselves in for murder.

After the murder of Edwards’ parents, they stole thousands of pounds that were from the Wycherley’s pension and then also sold the family home. Soon after, the Edwards fled and escaped to France in fear that they would be caught. Various people were trying to contact William Wycherley as his birthday was soon approaching. They spent much money of Hollywood memorabilia and eventually were in debt for their spendings.

The couple then resulted to fake stories and told various friends and family members that the Wycherleys were still alive. They forged fake holiday cards and even sent fake cards back out to other family members.  They also informed the bank and doctors that they were still alive.

Susan Edwards, 55 and her 57 year old husband, Christopher Edwards, sat emotionless during their trial on Friday, June 20. The jury returned back after six hours and unanimously declared both of the individuals guilty to the double murder of Patricia and William Wycherley in 1998. They are due back in court for Monday afternoon and will be sentenced to a mandatory sentence of life in prison. The trial’s judge, Mrs. Justice Thirlwall must determine what the minimum terms served shall be before the couple is considered for parole. Mrs. Thirlwall will announce this in Monday’s trial.

The Edwards couple was found guilty of the 1998 Mansfield murder in London. The purpose of the murder was for the Wycherley’s money. The day after Susan and Christopher Edwards killed the Wycherleys, they opened a joint bank account under Susan and her mother’s name. They also closed out the two opened joint bank accounts under Susan and her mother, and the couple retrieved at least 40,000 euros.

Susan and Christopher Edwards confessed to the murder of Susan Edwards’ parents to police when Mr. Edwards found that they were in debt. The couple was in debt, owing the government approximately 160,000 euros. Christopher Edwards looked to borrow money from his stepmother but eventually confessed to the brutal murder of his in-laws from 15 years ago. His stepmother immediately and frantically informed police.

Soon after, detectives arrived at the former home of the Wycherleys. There, they dug up the decomposed bodies that the Edwards confessed to murdering 15 years ago. Susan Edwards admitted to murdering her parents, but made claims that she was provoked into kill them.

The couple was found guilty in the 1998 Mansfield murder of Susan Edwards’ parents in the trial that was held on Friday, June 20. The jury unanimously declared that the Edwards were guilty in the double murder. Both will be sentenced to life in prison.

By Tricia Manalansan

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