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David Beckham and Personal Brands



David Beckham has one of the most recognizable personal brands in the world of sports . The former soccer player is famous for his many successful stints in soccer clubs like Manchester United and Galaxy FC. Beckham is a living legend in the world of soccer because he is now the only person to have won four national club championships while playing for four different teams in four different countries. This has helped him develop a very solid personal brand. He has served as a brand ambassador for fashion brands, car brands and appeared on the covers of several magazines. For instance, he has appeared on the covers of several issues of Men’s Health magazine. Since his debut as a Manchester United player in 1993, Beckham has grown into one of the most sought after brand ambassadors of his generation. He has signed deals and appeared in ads for Pepsi, Motorola, Adidas, Gillette, Breitling, Emporio Armani, and the list goes on.

There are a number of things that people can learn from him as far as creating a successful personal brand is concerned. To begin with, he worked on his talent since he was a child. He told reporters that when he was a young boy, he could play soccer the whole day. He had found his niche at an early age and worked on developing it. This way he became good at it and it earned him recognition in the world of sport and also in the world of business. He also worked on building a good reputation that made him a very attractive contender for celebrity branding campaigns. Experts in the world of business believe that talent is a major requirement for people who want good personal brands.

Additionally, he  always handled his job as a professional. For instance, whenever he scored goals he made sure to give lots of credit to his team members and never showed off. Some soccer analysts claim that there are instances where he created goal scoring opportunities for his team mates so that the spotlight could shine on them too. They say that this is why he had a very amiable with members of his team, which helped him score even more goals for his club. This kind of behavior increased his credibility as a real professional and increased his fan base.

Another thing that may have helped him develop such a solid personal brand is his willingness to learn from his mistakes. Just like many other professional, Beckham made a number of mistakes. He was forced out of Manchester United for falling out with his then coach, Alex Ferguson. After that he never made public criticisms of his coaches again. He also dealt well with accusations that he was cheating on his pop-star wife in a way that helped him maintain his squeaky clean brand image. Infidelity and  personal brands are like water and oil  as far as celebrities and well known personalities are concerned.

Though his talent has helped rise to the top, some marketing experts claim Beckham’s personal brand is also connected to his physical appearance and his good fashion taste.  His marriage to a pop-star also helped make him even more popular. Beckham built his personal brand by focusing on several areas of his life from his talent, to his marriage and finally to his fans.

By Michael Obunga

Brand Channel