Frozen Star May Not Reprise Role for Broadway Adaptation


Josh Gad, the lovable voice of Olaf the snowman from the mega-hit Disney animated film Frozen has stated that he may not reprise his starring role in the Broadway stage adaptation of the movie. Though the show is not scheduled to open on the Great White Way for a number of years, it is still a hot topic amongst the Broadway community and Disney fans, alike.

Gad says his schedule of upcoming projects is filled to the brim and the idea of putting on a snowman costume to frolic about a Broadway stage seems unlikely in the near future. Gad clarified that he would love to play the role and it is not a door that he wants to close completely, but the rigorous Broadway routine of eight performances per week can limit the time put in to pursuing multiple projects.

Gad has undoubtably enjoyed the success of Frozen which has now blew past Toy Story 3 as the highest-grossing animated film of all time. The film’s sales have reached $1.3 billion and it still remains a front-runner at the top of the box office in many countries around the globe. Gad has also expressed his love for watching the film, stating that the subject matter contains a large amount of universality. He adds that there is a relatable theme in the film that has a personal effect on people from all walks of life.

The aforementioned universality is evident as Frozen has become an instant-classic Disney film and has acquired a huge following from individuals of all ages. Bordering on an obsession, parents have taken to naming their children after the leading characters from the film. There has been an official increase in children being named Anna and Olaf, but that growth is nothing compared to the 34 percent more babies that are being called Elsa. The names Kristoff, Hans and Sven have been given to children an insane amount of 40 percent more than they were last year.

Additional stars from Frozen have commented on whether or not they are interested in reprising their roles in the adaptation for Broadway. Tony-Award-Winner Idina Menzel, who voices the titular character of Elsa and sings the world-famous Let It Go, stated she loves the idea of a Frozen musical on Broadway. Currently starring on the Great White Way in the musical If/Then, Menzel states that she would be honored to play Elsa live on stage, but doubts she will be the appropriate age to play her by the time the show begins production. Jonathan Groff, the leading male voice of Kristoff, states that he is unlikely to join the cast of the live show due to the fact he feels he is not as attractive as his animated character.

Though they may not be seen as their Frozen aliases again, it is most likely the stars of the film will have their names tossed around the media quite a bit, still. Menzel, as stated before, is currently performing on Broadway and received her third Tony nomination for her performance. Groff is now the leading character on the new HBO series Looking. Mr. Gad can also be seen next in the biopic Kinison in which he plays the stand-up comedian Sam Kinison, himself.

Broadway may not have the luxury of these original Frozen stars reprising their roles in the stage adaptation, but the characters that the world has come to know and love will not soon be forgotten. As the talented skills of actors like Gad, Menzel and Groff are lent elsewhere, a new generation of actors will step up to the plate to bring the magic of Frozen alive in a way that has never been seen before.

By Cody Collier

Broadway World
USA Today

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  1. Amateur   June 23, 2014 at 7:54 am

    I am sure the show would still be great even if the wonderful actors and actresses that lend their voice to the movie aren’t available to reprise their role. The universal value in the movie transcendent platform and ages.


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