Texas Man Charged for 2012 Shooting of Lesbian Couple

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Texas police officers have arrested a man that they allege for the shooting of a lesbian couple. The man is being charge for the 2012 shooting of a young lesbian couple, leaving one dead and the other to survive.

David Malcolm Strickland was arrested on June 20. He was taken by the U.S. Marshals and Texas Rangers in Helotes, which is a San Antonio suburb. He is being charged for various reasons in the 2012 shooting that left one young woman dead, and the other to survive with numerous brain injuries. Strickland is being charged for capital murder and aggravated assault with a weapon. He is also being charged for aggravated sexual assault.

On June 23, 2012, Strickland shot Mollie Olgin, 19, and Kristene Chapa, 18. Olgin died from the gun shot, but left Chapa to survive with brain injuries. The shooting took place in a park near Corpus Christi Bay. A couple did not see the shooting but walked by after it had taken place. The anonymous witnesses saw the two girls laying on the ground in their blood, as well as gun castings near them.

Strickland, who is being charged for the shooting of a lesbian couple in 2012, is said to have forced the young girls down a steep incline in the park. He bound them together and shot both of them in the head, execution style. Olgin had instantly died but Chapa slowly crawled to grab the attention of a couple nearby who had not witnessed the shooting.

The gunshot to the head affected Chapa. She was lucky to have survived the shooting, although certain injuries will permanently stay with her. She struggles to move the left side of her body. At first, she barely could sit and stand by herself also.

Chapa and Olgin had been dating for five months before the shooting took place. Chapa faced a large amount of medical bills to assist her head injuries. A fund was set up in their community and raised nearly $24,000 to help pay for the various medical bills that Chapa is still paying for today. Today, Chapa is still undergoing rehabilitation from her injuries and is slowly recovering.

Strickland’s reasoning for shooting the young couple has not yet been determined. It is also uncertain if this was a hate crime related to the couples lifestyle, though he has gotten ridiculed and criticized for it. Strickland has a wife, who was also arrested and questioned but is no longer in custody. Strickland is scheduled to be moved to a prison in Stinton, Texas for the remainder of the trial unless bail is made.

David Malcolm Strickland is being charged for a 2012 shooting of a lesbian couple in Texas. Mollie Olgin, who was 19 at the time did not survive the shooting that was conducted on her execution-style. Her girlfriend, Kristene Chapa who was 18 yeas old, survived the shooting but faced brain injuries. Currently still in rehabilitation facilities, Chapa still undergoes a great deal of physical and emotional pain that she was lucky to survive from.

By Tricia Manalansan

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