Taye Diggs Says Movie Studios Unfair Towards African-American Productions


The Best Man Holiday star Taye Diggs stated in a recent interview that the major film studios hold African-American film productions up to an unfair set of standards in comparison to other Hollywood productions.

Born Scott Leo Diggs, the African-American actor was born in Newark, New Jersey but raised in Rochester, New York.  Diggs, who rose to fame on the Broadway stage in the hit musical Rent, recently expressed frustrations over the film industry’s scrutiny process of black-oriented movie productions. The actor noted that major film studios do not proceed with future black-oriented film productions unless box office numbers are favorable for other productions and “fate is tied” to films already running in theaters. He asserts that this rule applies to films that are unrelated to each other.

The actor has starred in the 1999 hit film The Best Man and again in the 2013 sequel, The Best Man Holiday, which was released last November and garnered over 70 million in box office sales. Diggs feels that this alone should garner a green light for a third Best Man. However, Diggs reported that while he and the other cast members are indeed looking forward to the third installment of the successful film franchise, the box-office numbers from the second installment will not hold enough clout to launch a third installment.  Instead, Diggs states, film studios are looking at the box office success of films that are in theaters now, such as Think Like A Man Too, which is wholly unrelated to The Best Man.

He has expressed that the method of sizing up box-office numbers for unrelated films is utterly ridiculous and frustrating.  He notes that while African-American productions have come a long way, they still have a long way to go. The actor expressed that, unfortunately, the film studios do not want to take risks and that black-oriented films are still considered a gamble.  Diggs does not agree and has been vocal in his view that the film industry is unfair towards African-American film productions. Universal Studios, who produced The Best Man, has declined to comment on Diggs’ recent remarks.

Now starring in the new TNT series Murder In The First, the actor has revealed that over the years he was a geek who could not get a girl to look at him, but he realized that the performing arts gave him the confidence that he had previously been lacking.  He graduated from Syracuse University, having majored in musical theater. He moved to New York after graduating, and got his first job as an understudy in the revival of Carousel.

Diggs recently separated from his wife of ten years; singer-actress Idina Menzel, a recent Academy Award winner who garnered a chance at the coveted Oscar for the song Let It Go.  While Taye Diggs asserts that Hollywood film studios are unfair toward African-American film productions, his acting career continues to flourish. The TNT Drama Murder In The First is set to premiere on Monday, June 9 at 10 p.m. eastern time.

By Janet Walters Levite

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