Taylor Swift Mansion Hit With Beer Bottles

Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion was the subject of an attack on June 15, 2014, when three individuals hit her mansion with beer bottles. The incident was initiated by three people who claimed they simply had too much to drink.

The perpetrators of the attack, two men and a woman, were arrested on Sunday and charged with disorderly conduct after they launched the bottles onto Swift’s property, followed up by screaming profanities at her guards and giving them the middle finger. All three individuals are in their 20’s with an exact age yet to be released.

Upon being questioned about the motive for their attack, one of the men gave no reason other than intoxication. Tristan Kading gave a statement that he and his friends harbored no personal resentment to Swift herself, but simply got too rowdy after having one too many alcoholic drinks. He also claims that the aforementioned gesture towards Swift’s security guards was not meant to be one of a rude nature, but rather a replication of the peace sign Swift makes in the music video for her hit song 22.

The 24 year-old superstar purchased the Rhode Island mansion in question in April of 2013 for an approximate 17 million in cash, though the house was originally on the market for 20 million. It is  11,000 square-feet and boasts 8 bathrooms and 10.5 bathrooms, as well as over 5 acres of land and 700 feet of waterfront. The home, located in the town of Westerly, was purchased by the singer upon the flipping of her home in Cape Cod, a sale which earned her about one million. Rumors regarding the reason behind this flip circulated around the I Knew You Were Trouble star’s breakup with Connor Kennedy, son of the now deceased Mary Kennedy of the political dynasty Kennedy family. There were also reports that she was house hunting for a residence in London soon-after, in order to be close to her then-beau Harry Styles, one of the members in popular boy band One Direction. Swift has since shot down these rumors, denying that her desire to purchase property is ever associated with who her romantic interests happen to be at the time. She has stated that she feels the speculation is slightly ludicrous, giving her opinion that it would be more than a little ridiculous to make real estate decisions based on such matters, but admits that people will continue to think what they choose to think.

The singer, whose net worth reportedly sits around a comfortable $200 million, also owns two other properties. In 2011, she purchased a four bedroom, four bathroom home in Los Angeles for three and a half million. Her other property is located in Nashville, a place she has been extremely outspoken in calling her home. However, Nashville is not the singer-songwriters birthplace, as she was born in Pennsylvania. Regardless of her true birth place, the multi-platinum selling artists feels that Nashville is, without question, the place she feels she truly comes from and belongs in.

The three individuals who hit Taylor Swift’s mansion with beer bottles have yet to be sentenced before a judge. Nor the singer or her representatives have released any comment on the matter as of this time.

By Rebecca Grace

Fox News
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