TEDx Started a Revolution in Hampton Roads With Ideas Worth Sharing [Video]

TEDx merged with Hampton Roads for a revolutionary experienceOn Friday TEDxHamptonRoads jump started a revolution within the seven cities by bringing the region together in their first annual TEDx event. The event, which was held at the Ted Constant Convocation Center, consisted of 16 of the area’s leading thinkers, community advocates and visionaries. With the theme, Relevant Progress, the event showcased diverse perspectives on moving the region forward with the resources and strengths that already exist within the confines of this amazing area.

The leadership team, spearheaded by Curator Michael J. Savage; a Master Coach and Trainer with the renowned coach and speaker Anthony Robbins, worked hard and long to bring this massive event to the area. By partnering with its anchor sponsor Dominion Enterprises along with support from Studio Center Total Production and Old Dominion University (Idea Fusion) the vision was finally realized.

Savage who travels extensively under the Anthony Robbins brand was fortunate to have an awesome team of professionals to carry on the vision while he worked abroad. His primary team consisted of Rich Moorman, Jennifer Walsh, Cole Morgan, Darryl Diptee and Jessica Tudor. This group worked diligently, even in Savage’s absence, to ensure the attendees had an experience worthy of the TED brand.

Savage strongly believes innovation and community are the key components for relevant progress within the Hampton Roads area.

Michael Savage curator for TEDxHRVA

Our region has uncovered strengths and hidden gems in human capital. For Years we have focused on how to retain our transient military community. While that is a key focus, it cannot be the only focus; as a result we are losing very talented non-military residents. At TEDxHamptonRoads, we want to showcase some up and coming thinkers and innovators, doers, artists, and educators that we believe can help change the way people look at the region as a whole. We are looking to foster even more cooperation, and less competition between the seven cities.

TED is an event held annually where the leading thinkers and doers of the world are invited to share what they are most passionate about. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design; these are three broad subject matters that collectively shape our future. Attendees of this event have called it “The ultimate brain spa and journey into the future.” TEDx is a program of local, self organized events which bring people together for a TED-like experience. Although independent from TED, TEDx is licensed under and feeds over to the TED brand.

During the daylong conference attendees had the opportunity to hear 16 ground breaking thinkers and leaders in their fields who discussed issues they are passionate about and have spent years working to enhance. The event opened with “The Four Rules of Success” from Retired Rear-Admiral USN and Certified Leadership Coach Gregory Nosal and culminated with “Innovation Secrets From the Egg McMuffin” with Coach Early Jackson, a social advocate, writer, life coach and dynamic speaker.

Below is the complete list of innovative minds which made up the great panel of speakers for #TEDxHRVA:

  1. Gregory Nosal – Retired Rear-Admiral USN, and Certified Leadership Coach. The Admiral delivered four simple rules that have transformed teams, from little league to Special Forces, and helped them to succeed.
  2. Ben Kohlmann – Naval Innovator. Ben has a real and relevant solution to help tap into and attract the best that our region offers. His message was also designed to drive huge support to our retired veterans seeking to use their skills in their community.
  3. Byron Morgan – William and Mary Graduate, founder and CEO of Vinylmint. Byron is steeped in the musical richness of Hampton Roads. He understands the power that collaboration can create in Music, innovation and business.
  4. Dr. Randy Case – Chair for C12 in the region. Randy is in the business of bringing business owners together to support each other. He spoke on the value and necessity of having outside perspectives to ensure your progress.
  5. Lisa Suhay – A community chess advocate. Lisa shared her mission around chess, its role in community and children, and what we can learn regionally from chess.
  6. Clint Dalton – Founder of 757 Creative Space and “Third Space” entrepreneurialism. Clint shared how new policies in federal law can create more freedom for entrepreneurs.
  7. Hans-Peter Plag –Director of the Mitigation and Adaptation Research Institute (MARI) at Old Dominion University. Hans-Peter discussed rising sea levels, how it affects our region, and what solutions are available showcasing the work in our region as trendsetting.
  8. Chris Hill – Chef and culinary entrepreneur. Chris asked the question, “What do you bring to the table?” He shared how communication and food awareness, much like dinner table conversation, adds value to the Hampton Roads region.
  9. Mark Giordano – Principle at MINT Design, and regional Branding expert. Mark has been a champion of designing everything we do, working on some of the most recognizable brands in Hampton Roads; he gave insight into the role of design and art to ensure progress.
  10. Zack Miller –Founder of HATCH, an innovative incubator for business in Hampton Roads and Start Norfolk. Zack has led the charge in building community through innovation. His message was a unique perspective on how to keep momentum and progress as a region with strength.
  11. Lynne Seagle – Executive Director of Hope-House foundation. Lynne an advocate for community needs and a masterful storyteller. With a message laced with humor, Lynne explained why every member of our community is valuable, especially those with intellectual disabilities. She shared what her work at Hope House has meant to hundreds as they empower them to live a healthier quality of life.
  12. Jameson Dungan – Founder of Biologik labs and the voice of science in Hampton Roads. Our world is rapidly evolving, what used to take three years is coming to market in weeks. Jameson unlocked and decoded the complicated world of Biotechnology as it relates to developing a greater sense of community. Since the world is getting smaller daily with the help of the internet, Jameson shared how important it is to get the tools into everyone’s hands in order to make our world a better place to live in.
  13. Fred West III – Business owner, coach and community voice, Fred West discussed “All Building and No Branding Makes the Community a Dull Place”.
  14. Joe Koronowski – Former mission control engineer and “Recovering Rocket Scientist.”  He shared his ideas on mission and the importance of accountability and empowerment experienced by connecting with a peer group.
  15. Amelia Baker – Amelia is sustainability in living form. Before it was cool to recycle Amelia and her company Green Alternatives were showing Hampton Roads how to live, use and re-use every day things to support a cleaner, greener Hampton Roads.
  16. Early Jackson – Co-founder and CEO of New Direction Coaching Associates and a social advocate for positive influence in our communities.  He is an author, writer, speaker and coach.  Convention, innovation and inspiration can come from the weirdest places; with that in mind, Early shared how a breakfast sandwich has helped shape his life, business and goals. The Egg McMuffin has been around since 1971, by understanding it’s origin you can unlock some cool life hacks for yourself today.

On Friday, June 20th TEDxHamptonRoads jump started a revolution within the seven cities by bringing the region together in the first annual TEDx event. In conjunction with the ample theme, Relevant Progress, the attendees of this great event learned the Hampton Roads region is full of culture, talent, perspective and ideas. The event was held at the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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