Mug Shot Affiliate Receives Higher Bail [Video]

Mug Shot

Infamous mug shot-affiliate Jeremy Meeks is having the best and worst week ever. The 30-year-old Northern California convicted felon recently reached instant nationwide notoriety for the most obscure reason. Not for a modeling campaign or general contribution to society. Meeks became a hot-topic after his mug shot went viral across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Although with all the attention, it will be a long-time Meeks gets a chance to come face-to-face with any of his fans. Though his recent success on social media is impressive, his felony charges have recently gained the California resident a million dollar bail.

The mug shot of Jeremy Meeks gained over 30 thousand “likes” when it was posted to the Stockton Police Department page. It seems that Meeks is quite photogenic. The photo went up Wednesday and became viral within 24-hours of being posted. With over ten thousand comments, 3,300 shares, plenty of swooning females, and a plethora of hilarious memes that also included a re-imaging of first lady Michelle Obama’s Bring Back Our Girls photo, Meeks literally became an overnight celebrity on the Internet.

Meeks recent fame just goes to show that maybe the metaphorical bad boy is still in style-or just a well placed camera angle and convenient lighting. Woman praised the picture for Meeks’ high cheekbones and blue eyes, completing overlooking that he is still a convicted felon with a prior charge and a recent raise in bail from 990,000 dollars to one million. Meeks, along with four other men, was arrested earlier in the week in relation to a string of gang related incidents.

Thanks to the recent “Operation Ceasefire” in the Western Ranch area of Stockton, Meeks arrest awarded him multiple charges for robbery, gun possession and gang related activity. The arrest came from an informant and a police tip about Meeks and the assailants’ alleged illegal activity. The cops caught the assailants on their way to conduct a search warrant of the home Meeks and the three other men were exiting from. As the cops pulled over the car, they conducted a search of the glove compartment and trunk to find two unregistered firearms and marijuana. With the original bail set at just slightly under one million dollars, Meeks June 20 arraignment ended with the judge sentencing a one million dollar bail with a follow-up court date on Friday, June 27.

Although there is no evidence linking Meeks directly to the possession or use of the weapons and drugs found in the car, his previous history with the law could weigh heavily in a court case, should he be brought to trial. Prior to the arrest, Meeks served time for grand theft auto in Solano County, reported affiliation with North side Gangster Crips, and an ongoing resisting arrest conviction that placed him on probation. The increase in bail comes as a result from a combination of past history, violation of probation, and just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At least he can look at the bright side of the situation; without the arrest, there would be no mug shot, 15 minutes of fame, and plenty of girls waiting for the father and husband to unlikely beat the charges.

By Tyler Cole

ABC News
Hollywood Life

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