Testosterone Increase Possible Using Natural Methods

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Many men want to know how to increase their testosterone levels and many use patches and creams to do so, yet enhanced T levels are possible using natural methods. Young men hoping to promote gains in their bench press or older guys wishing to promote wellbeing and vitality, a large number of men seek ways to boost their testosterone levels. Several natural methods exist which can be used to enhance testosterone levels. While these methods may not make create Mr. Olympia type results, they should provide T boosting dividends to those who follow them.

The first useful consideration when looking to increase testosterone is to avoid behaviors that reduce testosterone levels. Tobacco can reduce testosterone levels; therefore, cigarettes and chewing tobacco must be avoided in any testosterone enhancement regimen. Another item to cross off the list is alcohol. The worst T lowering beverage is beer, which contains estrogenic compounds which can disrupt male hormone balance. If drinking alcohol, gin or vodka are preferable alternatives. Plastic storage containers for food should also be avoided. Plastic containers often include chemical compounds which can increase estrogen and reduce T levels. In particular, eating food from plastic containers heated in a microwave oven is something to avoid. Small amounts of the material found in plastic can bind with the microwave heated food. Food should be stored in glass containers as an alternative to plastic.

Another simple behavior to adopt to increase testosterone levels is to manage stress and maximize sleep. The body recharges its testosterone stores when sleeping. Anyone not obtaining enough sleep misses out on the body’s resting testosterone production. Stress levels are important because the body produces cortisol when stressed. The flight or fight hormone cortisol is helpful for dealing with short bursts of intense activity, lengthy periods of increased cortisol levels reduce testosterone levels. Researchers have confirmed a correlation between high blood cortisol levels and low testosterone readings.

One of the easiest natural possible methods to increase testosterone levels is to find the time to get some sunlight. The rays from the sun cause production of Vitamin D. Many men who are found to be deficient in Vitamin D also have low testosterone levels. A 15 minute walk in the sun on a regular basis is likely enough to obtain the Vitamin D producing benefit.

Organically produced beef and chicken is most preferable for testosterone enhancement. Many consumers may avoid organic meats due to the cost, but a high percentage of commercially raised animals are given estrogen to increase their weight. The meat from these animals still contains some of the estrogen given to them.

Weight training creates testosterone production and doing certain exercises provides a larger T boost. A good natural method to increase testosterone is doing compound exercises. These movements, such as dead lifts, bench press and squats, involve several muscle groups performing at once. Involving more groups in an exercise, particularly the larger ones, causes the most testosterone production. Likewise, the body produces more testosterone when doing heavy weight training sets with low repetitions, such as five repetitions or less.

Men adopting these natural behaviors and methods should produce more testosterone and possibly even feel better. The T boosting results may not be as fast or dramatic as creams or gels, but health beneficial strategies do not carry potential hurtful side effects. Take a stab at one or more of these ideas for better health and higher testosterone.

By William Costolo

Men’s Health

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