The Internet Makes Reunions Boring

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In the past, college and high school reunions were associated with excitement, anxiety, and shock. However, with the internet keeping everyone in touch via social media platforms, college reunions are now made out to be boring. No longer do jaws drop at the sight of a former classmate losing a large amount of weight or another one being engaged. Now all that information is on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, keeping everyone in the loop daily.

It is a known fact that the internet has kept relationships from high school and college closer for people post-graduation. Without the constant status updates and pictures no one would ever know what their friends are doing. The internet is also a helpful way to ensure that everyone actually attends the college reunion. Nowadays invitations are all done digitally.

While the internet has helped in these ways, it takes the fun out of reunions due to the fact that everyone already knows exactly what everyone else is doing. Reunions no longer have that shock factor, the element of surprise is gone with the internet’s involvement. It used to be exciting to know whether or not the hottest girl in class still has the best body or if that cool jock is jobless and broke. Reunions cost money and that money is not worth it if there is nothing new to see. No sense in paying to find out what is already out there for everyone to see, for free. The internet has ruined the idea of a reunion and has made it a complete bore with nothing new to discover.

Now with one quick search it can be discovered who let themselves go, who became all that, what perfect couple split, who is engaged, and who came out of the closet. Nothing is left for surprise now, which takes the fun out of reunions and removes the whole appeal. Facebook tracks every class member’s relationship status, whether or not they have a job, and if they have any upcoming exciting events. Instagram does all of this via pictures, which is even better. Now the most popular girl in school’s husband can be seen via Instagram and critiqued by all the other classmates. The nerdy guy can collect his bragging rights online for his hot new fiancé that no one ever thought he could get.

The concept of the “ugly duckling” becoming the “beautiful swan” is a reunion dream, but it is not much fun when the transition is seen in stages through the Internet. Everyone now can see the person who got married young and has a football team of children. Classmates can know each of those kids’ names and ages and favorite tv show as well, it is all put out there now.

High school and college reunions have lost their appeal with the internet turning them into boring instead of exciting. The fun aspects like seeing the transitions and hearing about exciting new life plans have gone away. There is no longer a surprise factor, and that was a major reason for going.

By Amena S. Chaudhri

Chicago Sun-Times
Fast Capitalism
Thought Catalog

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