Extreme Weight Loss: Jayce Hein (Recap & Review)

Extreme Weight Loss: Jayce Hein (Recap & Review)

Tonight on Extreme Weight Loss (ABC), singer/songwriter Jayce Hein, with the help of fitness trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell and his wife, Heidi, and other special guests, like Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte and country musicians Gretchen Wilson and Casey James, undertakes a year-long battle to loss extra weight and qualify for a skin reduction surgery.

Jayce Hein is successful as songwriter and as a dedicated father, but he is overweight, starting out the episode weighing 417 pound following a messy divorce, and would like to lose at least 200 pounds. He wants to then fulfill his dream of not only writing country music songs that sell millions of albums for other artists, but also performing them and selling millions of his own albums. Jayce has shared the stage with acts including Meat Loaf, Darryl Worley, Ronnie Milsap, Andy Griggs, Chris Cagle, Ty Herndon, and Joe Diffie.

Jayce got his big break when Jason Aldean recorded his song Country Boy’s World. He states that many doors were open to him after that, and it was key in building a successful songwriting career. He also wrote My Kinda Party for Aldean. People told him that he could make it big as a country singer, on his own, if he lost weight. During the course of the episode, Chris Powell discovers he has another habit he needs to quit — smoking.

Extreme Weight Loss began with Jayce talking about his career as a songwriter and how he got his big break writing Country Boy’s World. He thinks it’s cool to have a popular song on the album, but he desires to weigh less and perform the songs he writes himself.

Jayce even needs help putting on socks as Extreme Weight Loss goes into — he cannot put them on by himself and has to have his fiance, Emily, put them on his feet. Jayce clearly loves being with his son, Tyler, but he doesn’t get to see him as often as he’d like, due to his messy divorce.

Jayce wrote Chris Powell a letter asking for his help, and Chris showed up in Nashville to surprise Jayce as he performs in front of a crowd. Jayce continues singing, but cries “happy tears.” Chris tells him he will be “Jayce’s backup for the next 365 days.”

Chris tells Jayce that they won’t be going to California, like in past seasons of Extreme Weight Loss, but that Jayce will instead be going to Colorado for three months. The plane is leaving in three hours, and Jayce needs to pack and say goodbye to his son and fiance. His initial weigh-in, Jayce weighs 417 pounds.

Chris tells him his 90-day goal will be to lose 119 pounds. As Jayce prepares to leave, his son tells him “Dad, you deserve this.”

After Extreme Weight Loss came back from its first break of the two-hour episode, Jayce is in Denver, Colorado, brought there by Chris Powell. Chris takes him to an obesity and weight loss center, where Chris confesses that he “can’t swim.”

The following day, Jayce undergoes a full series of medical exams and meets with a nutritionist, and with a doctor to talk about his very high blood pressure and his smoking. The doctor tells him that the tendency is to gain weight when a person stops smoking.

Chris tells Jayce that he should be headlining venues, such as an outdoor arena he takes him to, and says that he should visualize the entire place filled up. Chris has Jayce sit down and stand up a few times, and that proves to be too much of a workout for him to handle.

Jayce tells Chris he was told that he was fat and a loser by his ex-wife, and he hated not being able to see his 10-year-old son as much as he wanted. All of these were factors as to why he gained even more weight.

Jayce jogs alongside Chris, as Chris encourages him, and says that “ordinary people don’t do this kind of thing; extraordinary people do.” Jayce then plays his guitar and conducts an impromptu concert for people that gathered to see him and Chris Powell. After that, Extreme Weight Loss went to another commercial break.

Jayce works out with weights, and on a rowing machine, and Chris says that “I see an entirely different Jayce.”

Jayce says that at this pace, he can hit his goal in 7 weeks, and tells Chris to “bring it.’

Chris shares the news with Jayce that he gained two pounds, and he asks Jayce what’s going on. Jayce is going through a very tough custody battle, and his son is caught in the middle of it. Chris says “What Jayce can control is himself.” The intensity of the workouts increases, with the hope that Jayce can turn his weight loss around.

Chris has an official weigh-in at the end of 45 days. He wants to see where they are, and if anything needs to change to help Jayce lose the weight he wants to lose. Before the amount on the scale is revealed, though, Extreme Weight Loss dramatically goes to yet another commercial break.  Extreme Weight Loss: Jayce Hein (Recap & Review)

Chris reveals to Jayce that he is now at 349 pounds, and lost 7 pounds in just the past week, alone. Chris tells him that is “Awesome,” and Jayce is happy that he’s “on the way.”

Jayce then relates to Chris about when he was younger and fell out aof a boat and almost drowned. Chris tells him that he has to run right toward what he is afraid of, and conquer his fears by getting in the water. Chris takes him to an Olympic-size swimming pool, and Chris has him float on his back, though the experience “freaks” Jayce out “all over again.”

Chris says to the camera that this “breakdown will lead to a breakthrough.” He tells Jayce that “I’m proud of you.”

Jayce says he wants to keep at it, keep getting into the swimming pool and learning how to swim. But, he is missing his son very much, and can only talk to him via the phone.

Country music singer Casey James meets with Jayce and asks Hein if he can play a song he wrote, and Jayce tells him “yes.” Chris takes Jayce to the outdoor arena where he had previously taken Jayce, and they watch Casey play the song in front of a large audience.

At Jayce’s 90-day Weigh-in, Chris admits that he is nervous, and he does not know what to expect. Chris tells him that he has clearly “lost a lot.” If the scale says 299 pounds or less, he will have met his 90-day Weigh-in goal. Though the number on the scale is not seen when Extreme Weight Loss goes to another break, Chris asks “What happened?” which is never a good thing to hear on this show.

He weighed 317 pounds, and though he lost 100 pounds, he didn’t met his goal of losing 118 pounds. Still, he did a pretty good job, and Chris says that he knows what are some things that trigger him to eat too much, like arguing with his ex-wife and about custody of his son.

Chris tells Jayce that now, he must leave, and Jayce has to meet the Phase II goal of losing 55 additional pounds on his own. Chris says that at his Six-Month Milestone, Jayce will be swimming in the ocean in Tahiti, from one island to another.

Back in Nashville, Jayce is worried that maybe the people he sees will not see much of a change in him, and he admits that he still has a long way to go. But, a huge crowd turns out to meet him, and they are impressed with his progress. He tells them “What do you say we celebrate with some music?” and then he plays his guitar and sings for them.

Jayce says he wants to hit this next goal hard, and nail it. But, right before Extreme Weight Loss goes to another commercial break, we see Chris saying he’s worried that Jayce will not be able to fully conquer his fear of being in water.

After the break, Jayce is happy to see that Chris has sent a truck to his house that is full of exercise equipment Singing onstage, practicing with his girlfriend, Emily, listening in, Gretchen Wilson walks in and listens to him singing. She tells him “I love your style of writing.” She asks him to please send her some of the songs he has written, though says “You’re probably saving them for yourself, though, right?”

Chris decides to keep up with what Jayce is doing by hiring private investigators. They catch him both smoking and overeating. Emily says that Jayce promised he would quit smoking, so it is aggravating for her to see that he has began doing it again. Extreme Weight Loss then went to another commercial break.

On Day 79, Chris sends Jayce and Emily to Tahiti, not yet having confronted him about catching him smoking and overeating. Chris says that Jayce is about to confront one of his biggest fears. He tells Jayce that this will show if he is still on track. First, they have the Weigh-in to see if he has lost 55 pounds. He weighs 277, and has missed his second goal by 17 pounds. That means he has missed both goals, and is will make it that much harder to meet his total weight loss goal.

Then, after Jayce has put on swim trunks, Chris surprises him by introducing him to Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte. Ryan gives him advice, and even lets him wear the same pair of swim goggles that he wore in the last Olympics to win gold.

Chris says he is “rethinking the whole Milestone for Jayce.” He won’t have Jayce swim from one island to the next; instead, Jayce will just need to swim out to a dock and then back to the shore.

Jayce is worried that being out in the open water, there will be no place for him to stop and rest, like the side of a pool. Chris tells Jayce that now is the time for him to prove what he has learned. He and Ryan go with him to a dock, then leave him there.

Chris tells the camera that it is “Now time for Jayce to face his fears and swim from the dock back to the shore” However, as Extreme Weight Loss goes to another break, Chris says that Jayce is taking a long time leaving the dock, and that he might not make the attempt to swim back to shore.

“What Jayce needs to know is that he can swim He just needs to do it,” Chris says. Jayce eventually comes to the realization that he wants Tyler to see him succeed, and he pushes away from the dock, and he starts swimming towards Chris and Ryan.

“In the last six months with Jayce,” Chris says, “this was my proudest moment. And, it was his proudest moment.” Ryan tells Jayce that he can “keep” his goggles, and “cherish them.”

The next day, Chris is about to leave Moria, the island they’re on; but, he confronts Jayce with the evidence of his having smoked. He tells him that the doctor won’t do surgery on him at all if he is still smoking. The Phase III goal is for him to hit 40 percent of his original weight loss goal, an lose just 27 pounds. Both Emily and Chris are afraid that it will “crush” Jayce if he does not hit his Phase III goal, though — but, Jayce tells them he wants to continue on.

There is a custody hearing in Ohio, and the judge allows Jayce to see his son, for three hours. Tyler is blown away with the progress his dad has been making. But, later, the judge says that his ex-wife has been found not guilty of all charges.

Emily and Chris are worried. According to the private investigators Chris has hired, Jayce has been missing several of his daily scheduled workouts. Chris thinks he should have insisted that Jayce went back to Arizona with him, but his wife, Heidi, tells him that if Jayce does not meet his goal, it is on him.

Back from break, Chris tells Jayce “Tonight’s the night we’ll see if you lost the 27 pounds.” He says to the camera that, especially after having seen the surveillance the P.I.s did, he is not sure if Jayce hit his goal. He needs to weigh at least 250. Chris shows him that he is at 263 pounds. He is three percent short of his goal. Chris tells him that he will not walk him through the doors to see the doctor.

Chris tells the camera that Tyler deserves to have a happy, healthy father. He agrees to come out to Arizona with Chris for Phase IV, for three months. Chris asks Jayce to yell out “I want it!” which he does — and, he tells Chris that he will lose 33 pounds in the three months.

When we next see Jayce, at the 365 day mark, a black stretch limo pulls up to the curb and Chris introduces “the new Jayce!” Before we, at home, can see his weight loss transformation, Extreme Weight Loss goes to another commercial break.

“Who’s ready to see Jayce?” Chris asks the audience. When they see Jayce walk in to the auditorium where they have gathered, they are all amazed, and applaud and cheer. Chris holds his hand up in the air, in a triumphant gesture. Jayce tells Chris that his ex-wife stopped his parents from bringing Tyler to see his father at the reveal, and she flung court papers at them before driving off with Tyler.

In an extremely touching moment, we get to see a part of a DVD that Jayce has mailed to Chris, in which Jayce and Emily get married.

Chris tells Jayce “Let’s be honest. You haven’t hit one goal yet. Are you ready?” Jayce tells him that he is, and Chris tells him that he has to be at least at 230 pounds to be considered for the skin removal surgery. As the Final Weigh-in amount is about to be revealed, Extreme Weight Loss once again cut to more commercials.

Extreme Weight Loss is always filled with dramatic moments, but it does kind of suck to see so many weigh-ins interrupted by commercial breaks. At his final Weigh-in, Jayce is at 229 pounds — he made his Final Year-Long Weight Loss Goal! Then, Chris went and got Jayce a guitar, and he performed in front of everyone gathered there. Jayce sang Small Time Summertime, which he wrote, and it sounded great! It was a pretty cool way to conclude this episode of Extreme Weight Loss.

Jayce tells Chris that he was not only his trainer, but he has also become his friend, and he saved his life. That is how pretty much everyone who Chris helps comes to think of him, because all of this is not just a job to Chris — he gets personally involved in the lives of everyone he helps, and that is one of the aspects of Extreme Weight Loss that makes it such an engaging show.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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