UFC’s Wanderlei Silva Admits Banned Substance Use to NSAC: MMA Spotlight

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There may have not been a ruling today, but do not expect the ruling to be a very favorable one when the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) resumes and hands down their punishment on the UFC’s Wanderlei Silva, especially after “The Ax Murderer” admitted to using diuretics. The NSAC held a hearing today to discuss numerous topics at hand, with Wanderlei Silva being at the end of the list to conclude the meeting. Silva’s verbal sparring partner arch nemesis, Chael Sonnen received a temporary suspension during the hearing, with a punishment to be determined at a later date down the road. Both Silva and Sonnen will have to await their fate from the NSAC, Sonnen was the only one of the two to receive any sort of sanctioning, which may not result into many repercussions for the outspoken Sonnen, as he retired last week after failing a drug test.

The road to redemption looks very bleak for the middleweight standout. The NSAC proceeded to paint a very disturbing picture regarding the events that transpired when an agent came to test Silva at his gym. According to reports, the UFC veteran jetted out of a bathroom door as soon as he realized that he was receiving an unexpected drug test by the commission. A few days after bailing on the drug test, Silva was booted out of his match up with Chael Sonnen and was replaced briefly by Vitor Belfort before the UFC decided to scratch the bout completely when Sonnen failed his drug test. After hearing the announcement of his departure from 175 card, Silva posted a video proclaiming his innocence, as well as stating there was a misunderstanding between him and the sample collector. It was not until today that Silva admitted to using diuretics for an injury that had occurred to his wrist. The UFC legend also confessed to trying his best to evade the testing, fearing that he would be pulled from the fight.

There is no timetable to when the NSAC will meet up again and hand out the final verdict on either fighter. Chael Sonnen decided his own fate when he publicly retired. Silva may however face a lengthy suspension, which may very well conclude his career as well. The self-proclaimed “Axe Murder” has been nearly fighting for 18 years, with not many knowing where his career may climax. A brief hiccup during a historic career is hardly a point to where a fighter of his caliber would be willing to call it quits. Dana White suspects that the NSAC will make an example out of Silva when the final verdict is laid out. Many wonder whether may be the last time Wanderlei Silva may step foot in a UFC cage. With his arch rival retiring and a lengthy suspension in his imminent future, Silva may have lost most of his control over his immediate future in the ever thriving organization of the UFC.

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