The Miracle and Nine Lives of Satan the Cat and His Return

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Satan the catIt has been almost one year now since the flooding in Calgary, Alberta washed through the city devastating homes, businesses and the lives of those affected. Many surrounding areas were also hit by the flood waters and one town in particular, High River, got hit the most. For the damage the flood waters caused, it was a miracle that only four deaths were reported during the disaster. However, many of the people affected had lost their pets. Thousands of cats and dogs have died due to the natural disaster. Now, almost one year later, one of those “lost pets” resurfaced and Satan the cat found its way back home. It seems that the cat, Satan has nine lives as it is a miracle that he returned home after so long.

The cats owners, Chad and Ev Neighbour, were shocked when suddenly Satan reappeared at their home in High River, Alberta. The incredible tale began last year when Neighbour’s and her husband had left home on June 19 to go to Saskatchewan for a fishing trip. When the couple heard the news of the flooding they immediately called their son, Lowell, to see if everything was all right. Neighbour asked Lowell to take Satan from her home and to keep the cat with him at his house. Lowell lived further away from the river and so naturally, they thought that his home would be the safest choice. To everyone’s dismay, that was not the case. “My son’s house ended,” Neighbour said, “up on this island completely water-locked”. Neighbors house was closer to the river than her sons but curiously received less damage. “We just got water in our yard,” Neighbour said to the Calgary Herald, “and we didn’t get a drop inside, we didn’t lose power.”

Neighbor’s son, however, could not get to the house once evacuations were put in place and the son thought that Satan would be lonely but OK with enough food and water. When residents could still not access their homes, is when Neighbor called Heaven Can Wait, a pet rescue shelter, for help. The situation got worse when the pet rescue workers reached Neighbor’s house to find the door open and Satan no where in sight.

“RCMP had to go in and check all the houses,” Neighbour’s said, “and the door was locked so they kicked it in.” Neighbor says that the damage to the broken door, caused it unable to close and so Neighbour figured that “kitty went out on the lam.”

Neighbours believes that Satan was able to get out of the flooded area by using fences to to jump on and to get to safer ground. Months passed and the Neighbours were still hopeful that their stubborn cat survived and would return any day. Neighbours said that Satan survived coyotes and foxes that live in the area so was positive that the flood would not be the cats demise. Neighbour’s son had felt awful about the entire ordeal and blamed himself for the cats death. Neighbour, however, never could believe that Satan was gone. “He’d run a truck off the road,” Neighbour said, “before the truck would hit him.”

Neighbour turned out to be right. It is a miracle that Satan the cat had finally made its way home after such disastrous events, leaving everyone to wonder how many of his nine lives did he have left. Neighbour just awoke Monday morning and there was Satan, thinner and much dirtier than they remembered, sitting on the window sill like he would normally do after a night out on the prowl. It took a few days for Satan to get back to his usual, rambunctious self, but has now settled back into routine. Neighbour says they always hoped he would return but that one could never know. No one knows what trials and tribulations Satan the cat had to go through while away, but miraculously, almost one year later, Satan the cat has finally made his way home.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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