‘Think Like a Man Too’ Kevin Hart Hilarity in Vegas (Video Trailer)

‘Think Like a Man Too’ Kevin Hart Hilarity in Vegas (Video Trailer)

Think Like a Man Too the follow up to the 2012 film Think Like a Man features Kevin Hart hilarity in Las Vegas and the movie will make the viewer laugh whether they have seen the first film or not. The whole crew are back for this very funny sequel and the 34 year-old stand-up comic turned actor hits all the right notes in this aimed at couples comedy.

The official trailer for the film can be seen in the video at the end of this review.

The first film was a battle of the sexes after the guys all find out that the women in their lives have been manipulating them using Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. The first film, which was an ensemble piece, was broken into four different plot points, one of which was “The Mama’s Boy vs. “The Single Mom.”

In the sequel, the film is still an ensemble feature but the main plot is that moma’s boy Michael (Terrence Jenkins) is marrying single mother Candace (Regina Hall). The ceremony is to take place in Las Vegas and through a misunderstanding Cedric (Kevin Hart) will be Michael’s best man, although his intention was to ask Dominic (Michael Ealy).

Jennifer Lewis as Loretta, Michael’s mother, is determined to take any fun out of the proceedings. A main part of the plot focuses on the women trying to get out from under “Kill-Joy” Loretta’s idea of fun to do what they really want to do the night before the wedding.

A sub-plot has “Zeke-the-Freak” (Romany Malco) trying to live down his wild past as party animal and love machine which is threatening to destroy his relationship with Mya (Meagan Good). Unfortunately, it seems that every beautiful girl that Zeke bumps into knows him. Mya is not impressed.

Kevin Hart reprises his role as Cedric, the hapless ex-husband of Gail (Wendy Williams) aka Gailzilla, and he is very funny as he bumbles from one disaster to another as the unintentional best man. There are two cameos, one from the world of comedy and another surprise guest from the world of music. Apparently this was in order to “plump up” the fact that Mya was an ex of Kanye West, whom she refuses to call Yeezus.

Think Like a Man Too does not rely on Kevin Hart and his penchant for hilarity to keep the film moving. The movie’s setting in Las Vegas allows for several funny incidents with perhaps the men’s amateur stripping contest being the best. Although the film itself does rely upon a certain amount of stereotypical humor this does not take away from the overall enjoyment of the events onscreen.

In the “sneak preview” most of the audience seemed to have seen the first film and/or were huge fans of Kevin Hart. Regardless of which, the “laugh-out-loud” or LOL factor was very high. The comedy of the film could almost be referred to as interactive as several of the viewers remarked about events on the screen.

Again, this verbose enjoyment of the movie did not detract from the story or its comedic quotient. Even gags older than Methuselah went over very well and at no point were there groans of derision or discontent at the comedy on offer.

Think Like a Man Too worked very well as a stand alone film. Kevin Hart with his Las Vegas hilarity did not need the first movie for viewers to empathize with the characters in this sequel. If the response from the audience was anything to go by, this comedy caper for couples hit the mark exceedingly well. Think Like a Man Too opens in cinemas across the country on June 20. Here is the official trailer.

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