10 Tips for Getting Divorced in Nevada

Marshal Willicks's 10 Tips for Getting a Divorce in NevadaThe divorce rate in Nevada is still the highest in the nation according to divorce expert Marshal Willick. Willick is a divorce attorney who has helped thousands of couples disconnect and is also the author of the newly released book, Divorce in Nevada: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect. In conjunction with his expertise he has shared 10 tips for getting divorced in Nevada.

Some 17,300 Nevadans filed for divorce last year, once again making Nevada the state with the highest divorce rate in the nation. The top five states were rounded out by Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Arkansas. The state with the lowest divorce rate is New Jersey.

Why the high divorce rate in Nevada? “It’s rather complex,” explains divorce expert Marshal Willick of Las Vegas.

Our population has mushroomed, and a large percentage of those moving here have financial problems or other stressors. At the same time, their lack of local extended family may put additional pressure on marriages, all of which affects the divorce rate. And Nevada divorces are typically faster and easier to navigate than those in many other places.

With some thirty years of experience in handing divorce cases, divorce can be an emotionally rough time, says Willick. His advice to couples who are in the process of disconnecting and going their separate ways is,

Try to set emotions aside, at least long enough to take the long view and make decisions that they will be comfortable with ten years from now.

Willick points out that such decision-making is not always easy when you might be filled with anger or hurt.

When asked why he wrote the book Willick responded,

I wrote the book to educate those going through divorce. I believe knowledge is power, and reduces fear. Understanding what you are doing, and why you are doing it, can help you make better life decisions, and understanding the process usually makes coping with it easier emotionally.

Here are 10 tips for getting divorced in Nevada by Attorney Marshal S. Willick:

  1. Hire an experienced family law attorney early on: ┬áCommunicate with your attorney clearly and often. ┬áThe “Do it yourself” method is often an invitation to disaster.
  2. Divorce can raise many issues: There is a common misperception that divorce or family law is “simple.” But really, family law incorporates nearly every other area of law, including parts of interstate jurisdiction, tort, criminal, tax, and general civil law. Make sure you explore all possible issues with your lawyer.
  3. Family law can be uncivil: Emotions often run hot, because loss of a marriage, having or losing contact with a child, and keeping or handing over treasured property triggers sometimes extreme reactions. Even so, you should try to reach agreements whenever you can do so without surrendering your principles, to minimize fees, the emotional toll on you and others, and the duration of the divorce process.
  4. Knowledge is power, and time is money: Actively and honestly assist your attorney in understanding all the facts relevant to your financial and custody issues. The more clear, complete, and organized you are, the better your outcome is likely to be, and the lower the cost to you of getting there.
  5. Let go of “fault”: In Nevada, determining whether a spouse is “at fault” is irrelevant to whether a divorce will be granted, or to the outcome of most property, alimony, and custody issues.
  6. Be realistic: Discuss with your lawyer the probable outcomes of property, alimony, and custody disputes, and realize that there are often no “winners” in divorce litigation; your goal is to get through the process with as little harm, and as bright a foreseeable future, as is possible for you and your children.
  7. Take the long view: Try to make those decisions that – ten years from now – you will wish you had made, and make your behavior now something you will be proud to look back on.
  8. If you have children with your spouse, remember that the two of you will have lasting ties as parents: Make sure your words and actions reflect that reality.
  9. Be prepared to feel emotional highs and lows: It is normal, and if you expect it you can deal with it better when you feel it. Try to maintain a support network of family and friends to assist you with the emotional side of the divorce process, but do not lean on your children as your emotional support, or try to enlist them as allies – they will have their own needs.
  10. Be patient: Contested divorce proceedings can take months, or years, and family law decisions often change the courses of multiple people’s lives. Decisions such as custody, child support, and alimony are usually modifiable. Even final orders of payments due or property division may take years to complete.

Not only has Willick litigated trial and appellate cases in Nevada, he has also participated in hundreds of divorce and pension cases in the trial and appellate courts of other states. Willick has also participated in the drafting of various state and federal statutes in the areas of divorce and property division.

Nevada divorce rate is the highest in the nation however by following these 10 tips shared by divorce expert Marshal Willick the separation process should end much smoother. This expert has helped thousands of couples go their separate ways. In addition to these tips he has written the newly released book Divorce in Nevada: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect.

Opinion By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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