Elon Musk so Worried About Real Life Terminator That He Investing in Real Life Skynet

Elon Musk So Worried about Real Life Terminator That He Investing in Real Life Skynet

Elon Musk is so worried about a robot apocalypse similar to the one in the Terminator movie series that he wants to invest in a company on the scale of a real life Skynet, known as Vicarious. However this company would control computer systems that would hopefully help aid in creating more of a happy future for people instead of what Skynet did in Terminator, when it became self-aware and started waging war on all of humanity.

Musk wants to see the complete opposite of what Skynet did. He desires for everything to turn out for the good of all humanity. In fact he stated that because there could be some scary outcomes, everyone needs to attempt to work together to make sure the outcomes are good and not bad.

Elon is presently working with NASA on various space missions and equipping Earth itself with the top electric car. To hear him talk about a science fiction movie franchise which is centered around time-traveling cyborgs and a future global war between machines and humans can be quite unnerving.

However it was not that long ago it was considered complete science fiction to even think about building a city on Mars but now that is becoming closer to reality than ever. Musk admitted to having a major fear about robot uprisings in the future during a press interview this week while he was answering questions about investments he had made in the research company Vicarious. They are focused on studying artificial intelligence.

When the founder of SpaceX and Tesla was pressed about what he really meant when he said he had fears of robot uprisings, Musk explained that there had been movies made over robot apocalypses, and he actually mentioned (the) Terminator by name and he called the entire process dangerous. Musk added that in Terminator, they did not expect to have any sort of Terminator-like outcome, which of course they did.

As strange as they may sound, Elon’s views actually match an increasingly serious slant to the idea that computers which are self-aware might one day sway the destiny of humanity. Even though milestones such as computers being able to pass the Turing Test have been welcomed as great accomplishments in the field, suspicions of the singularity, which is the very moment when artificial intelligence begins to improve itself without any human help, are progressively being represented more in normal society and even in academic circles.

So while the feature film setting may sound extremely unrealistic, by investing in a supposed real life Skynet in Vicarious, Musk is showing the world that he truly believes artificial intelligence overtaking human intelligence will be an extremely real worry in the future. He is not alone in investing in Vicarious. Other big names include Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg and the co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang, along with numerous other high-profile technology financiers.

However in the realm of future technology, Elon stands out from all the group as being a person who is able to not only envision the future but also create it. So do not be so fast to snicker about his concern. Any reader of this article needs to remember that this man really does know many many things about what the future of technology is going to be.

Musk really is very worried about a robot apocalypse similar to the one in the Terminator movie series. He is so bothered by it that he has decided to invest in a company which contains a computer system on the scale of a real life Skynet.

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