Tommy DeVito Birthday Bash and Special Screening of Jersey Boys

Tommy DeVito Birthday Bash and Special Screening of Jersey Boys

Warner Bros. Pictures, along with Michael E. Minden Jewelers are hosting an 86th birthday bash for one of the original founding members of The Four Seasons, Tommy DeVito and part of the celebration will include a special screening of Jersey Boys on Thursday June 19. The screening, which is taking place at the Brenden Palms Theatre at the Palms Casino Resort, will be for Tommy’s friends, family and celebrity guests, like DeVito’s lifelong pal Joe Pesci.

The film version of the award winning Broadway play Jersey Boys was directed by Clint Eastwood. The stage show had originally been designed as a sort of Momma Mia type production but the producers decided to make the play a “jukebox musical” instead. The two act play was broken into four seasons and the finale of the show includes group’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Joe Pesci, well known for his roles in Goodfellas, The Lethal Weapon franchise, My Cousin Vinny and other films, is a character in the stage show, but not, apparently in the film. The Pesci omission aside, out of the original group of lads who became the Four Seasons, only Nick Massi has passed on, with Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio and the birthday celebrant Tommy DeVito still alive and well.

Warner Bros. Pictures have arranged the birthday bash for Tommy DeVito, along with Michael E. Minden Jewelers to showcase the Clint Eastwood film Jersey Boys with a special screening. The film, like the play, focuses on the young men who eventually became the successful singing group. These talented artists from New Jersey kept their music in the charts, and the public’s hearts for over 40 years.

The production charts their rise from troubled young men who made enough mistakes to be noticed by the law, to a career that reached dizzying heights. It shows the group’s mafia connections, especially with mobster Gyp DeCarlo, played by award winning actor Christopher Walken in the film, and the toll of their success upon their families. Jersey Boys stars quite a few of the actors from the Broadway show so performances should be beyond brilliant.

The stage play has been very successful since its 2005 open with two subsequent tours in North America and several productions in London, Melbourne, Singapore, South Africa, and Holland. On this side of the big pond, the show has been produced in Toronto, Chicago and Las Vegas.

Tommy DeVito Birthday Bash and Special Screening of Jersey Boys
Tommy Devito aged 84.

DeVito, a longterm resident of Las Vegas, granted an interview after the show re-opened at the Paris in 2012. Apparently one local journo repeated a comment that Jersey Boys co-writer Rick Elice made which stated that the character in the play based on Tommy, was a “bullsh*tter” which DeVito took umbrage to. In 2013 he set the record straight by chatting with the journo who printed the comment, Steve Bornfeld.

At the time Tommy had mixed feelings about the stage show, and it is not known how he feels about the Eastwood adaptation of the Broadway play. Presumably, the charge of “bullsh*tter” has been either softened or even removed from the big screen version of the show.

Since Warner Bros. Pictures are honoring Tommy DeVito’s 86th birthday with a bash being held at the Palms Casino Resort, with a special screening at the Brenden Palms Theatre for his family and friends, the studio must feel that Tommy has changed his mind. The Guardian Liberty Voice has been invited to this red carpet event and it will be reported to our readers just how Tommy feels about the film. Stay tuned.

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