Tracy Morgan Recovering From Crash at Undisclosed Rehabilitation Center

Tracy Morgan Recovering From Crash at Undisclosed Rehabilitation Center

Tracy Morgan, comedian and host of Scare Tactics, was moved to an undisclosed rehabilitation center on Friday. This is good news, an indication that Morgan is on the road to recovery from injuries he suffered on June 7, when a Wal-Mart truck crashed into the Mercedes Sprinter limo bus he was traveling in with fellow comedians and his assistant, Jeffrey Millea. According to a hospital spokesperson at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, where everyone injured in the wreck was airlifted to, Millea’s condition has been upgraded to fair.

Allegedly, Kevin Roper, the driver of the Wal-Mart truck, had not slept in more than 24 hours. Driving too fast for the road conditions was allegedly another factor in the crash, which claimed the life of a close friend and mentor of Morgan’s, comedian James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, 62. Also injured in the accident was comedian Ardie Fuqua, who is still listed as being in critical condition.

Roper, or someone who set up a Twitter account using his name, tweeted that he had not been awake for over 24 hours when the accident occurred. He also alleged that the media was only interested in reporting on the accident because of who was involved in it.

Tracy Morgan, 45, had his leg broken, sustained a broken nose, and had some of his ribs fractured as a result of the accident that occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike near Cranbury Township. He had been listed in critical condition, but after the former Saturday Night Live star had surgery on his broken leg and has had the chance to begin the long mending process still ahead of him, Morgan has now been moved “to an undisclosed rehabilitation facility,” according to is publicist, Lewis Kay.

Morgan’s publicist added that Tracy Morgan and his his girlfriend, Megan Wollover, wanted to thank all of the doctors and hospital staff “for the unbelievable care and attention they provided him.”

Wal-Mart Stores Inc employee, truck driver Kevin Roper, 35, who was charged with four counts of assault by auto and a single count of vehicular homicide, pleaded not guilty to all counts against him. Though Roper made the $50,000 bail set by a judge, if he is found guilty, each count of assault by auto could result in up to 18 months in jail for the truck driver. The charge of vehicular homicide could land Roper with a five to ten year sentence in prison.

Tracy Morgan has been signed to star in a comedy series by FX Networks. Execs with the network said the “show would be waiting for him” whenever Morgan’s rehabilitation process is over. The 30 Rock Emmy award-winning comedian is reportedly eager to begin working on the series.

Tracy Morgan has begun the long road to recovery from the numerous injuries and broken bones he suffered in the crash. According to Lewis Kay on Friday, Morgan will be at the rehabilitation facility for probably a few weeks undergoing rehab. Morgan and everyone else traveling in the Mercedes Sprinter limo bus were on their way back to New York City, from Dover, Delaware, where he and the other comedians were performing at a comedy venue.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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