Tracy Morgan Recovering From Crash

Tracy MorganTracy Morgan is recovering after the car crash that killed one and critically injured two other people. Though the comedic actor is still in critical condition, Morgan is stable and showing signs of improvement.

The tragic accident occurred on June 7 around 1 a.m. right after Morgan and his friends were on their way home after a comedy show at a club in Delaware. While Morgan and friends were driving on the highway, a Wal-Mart truck slammed them from behind, causing the vehicle that Morgan was in to turn on its side. The driver of the truck, Kevin Roper, is said to have worked (driving) for over 24 hours at the time of the incident. Roper was charged with vehicular manslaughter with a bail of $50,000. Roper plead not guilty to the charges. Roper reported to police after the crash and was charged on Wednesday, June 11.

James McNair, known to close friends as Uncle Jimmy Mack, was killed in the accident. McNair was Morgan’s collaborator and friend. Other than McNair and Morgan, three others were in the black Mercedes Limo. Harris Stanton, received the least injury and has since been released from hospital. Ardie Fuqua Jr. and Jeffrey Millea were the other two passengers which are in critical condition. However, a statement released from Morgan’s rep has said that they are also showing signs of improvement.

Morgan’s publicist, Lewis Kay said, “Today was a better day.” Kay went on to say that Tracy Morgan is more than likely going to remain in hospital for several weeks and that Morgan’s doctors are remaining optimistic in the comedians recovery from the crash. Morgan’s injuries include a broken leg, broken ribs, a broken femur and a broken nose.

TMZ released a video of the accident on its website which caused some controversy. Krizya Fuqua, the daughter of Ardie Fuqua Jr. who was injured in the crash, took to Instagram to plead with TMZ to remove the horrible video. This caused other comedians to join in with the daughters request. Dax Shepard, Louis C.K. and Judd Apatow all have helped petitioning TMZ to remove the video from the site. The explicit video captured the entire accident and even had a scene of Fuqua Jr. being carried from the wreckage in critical condition. “Enough is enough. Please TMZ remove this video.” Krizya wrote. The daughter also asked people not to watch the video at all.

Comedian Louis C.K. posted tweets on twitter in hopes to help with Krizya’s plight. C.K. tweeted, “Take it down TMZ. Now. Please.” Another tweet from C.K. asked people not to go and look at the video on TMZ’s website and to ask TMZ instead, to remove the video. It did not take long for others to get on board and plead with TMZ to take the video down. TMZ, however, has not responded as of yet to any of the requests.

Tracy Morgan is still in critical condition but remains stable and doctors are hopeful of his recovery after the crash. Friends that were also injured are said to be recovering slowly as well.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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