True Blood as a Musical?

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The sun will finally set in 2014 on True Blood, one of the most successful vampire franchises to successfully make a transition from the books to the small screen. Charlaine Harris, who authored the series dubbed the Sookie Stackhouse Series will now see her beloved Sookie reincarnated on another classic American medium, Broadway, as a musical called True Blood.

Nathan Barr, who is the composer for True Blood, confirmed to the Associate Press that the show will be brought back to life in a musical play. The vampire based TV show that borrowed heavily from Sookie Stackhouse, will now take a new life and the announcement was made at the première of season 7 in Hollywood. Barr who originally pitched the idea to producer Alan Ball and HBO said he wanted to return to the roots of the show with the play. Barr who was credited as the creator of the show, stepped down voluntarily in 2008 but remained its executive producer after the fifth season.

The play is still in the stages of its conception according to Barr. There is no hurry for fans to gather at Broadway Street, New York to catch the play. Barr is looking to set up workshops and test a trial version before the finished product is out. At this stage Barr is not sure about the success of the play, but he is excited about the direction they are heading in.

The proposed play still does not have a cast list. If there is anyone in the current cast on TV that has anything to do with theatre it is Stephen Moyer. Moyer who has played Bill the lead male opposite the leading lady Sookie since season one, has already showed signs of wanting to be a part it the Broadway revival. Moyer assisted Barr is putting up samples of music during a recent presentation to the executives at HBO.

Moyer who is English and married to Anna Paquin, does have some serious musical chops. In the live production of The Sound Of Music, he play the male lead Captain Von Trapp, opposite Carrie Underwood. At the Hollywood Bowl he was cast in a production of Chicago, and also appeared in Stephen Sondheim’s musical Sweeney Todd in England before landing the gig on True Blood.

The stage version will revolve around Sookie and Bill, but it is not clear if the play will remain true to the books. The TV show did take a lot of creative freedom in interpreting the show and created a buzz for exploring themes that were adult and taboo. Alan Ball who worked on another successful HBO production Six Feet Under was among the executives that the idea was presented to.

Lestat, another Broadway play based on vampires ran only for two months in 2006 on Broadway before they shut down production. It will be interesting to see how Nathan Barr will scissor the series than ran for eight years to a show that will run for at least two years. Will the revival of True Blood as a musical breathe life into the franchise that glorified vampires and made them almost human? Only time will tell.

By Rathan Paul Harshavardan

ABC News
Los Angeles Times

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