FIFA World Cup: Ecuador Rises Above Honduras 2-1

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FIFA World Cup 2014 gets well underway as the teams in the preliminary matches are playing hard to move on to the knockout phase. Yesterday Group D players Ecuador made their intentions known by rising above the challenge once again to beat Honduras.

Records indicate that previously Ecuador had never scored 2 points in the FIFA World Cup. Ecuador is not generally known for making goals during the national matches as well. For Ecuador, the 2 point win earned them a new FIFA World Cup record. Also this was the eighth time Ecuador has come from behind and taken the lead in the FIFA World Cup, giving the team even more history breaking achievements.

The Baixada Arena is located in the metropolitan area of Curtiba, Brazil. This was the venue where Ecuador stole away any chances for Honduras to, go further in the tournament or to, make it to the FIFA World Cup Final championship match this year.

According to Honduran head coach Luis Suarez, “Ecuador has talent and commitment.” The team rose high above challenge to meet the defense strategy that Honduras had set up and they were well rewarded with the win against Honduras 2-1. Yet, they will still have to prove that they can generate scores in order to progress further in the knockout phase.

Since Ecuador played most of their games without ever getting a score they will need to come up with a consistent strategy that will develop more goals if they plan to make it to the final match of the FIFA World Cup. Ecuador’s Head Coach Rueda Reinaldo has never taken the team to FIFA World Cup. He told reporters “this is his first year and he is very proud to represent the team.”

Honduras fought hard to score points in this game. Right after Ecuador forward Enner Valencia scored a goal that put them in the lead 1-0. Then Honduran striker Carlo Costly gained possession of the ball power housed in a goal tying the score. Afterwards Ecuador Goalkeeper Alexander Dominguiz fiercely guarded the penalty area volleying off all chances made by Honduras to score another goal throughout the game. Though Honduras made many attempts to score goal not one more would escape through the net.

Ecuador maintained a dominating hold of the ball throughout much of the game as well. At 68 minutes into the second half, another goal was scored by forward Enner Valencia breaking up the tie and giving them the rise above Honduras 2-1. Ecuadorean head coach Rueda said “with pure grace and determination Enner scored the 2 goals that contributed to yesterday’s win.”

The ecstatic fans were shouting while witnessing their team defeat Honduras. The echoes were booming loudly in the arena as the second half rounded up. The last 12 minutes remaining, Ecuador held up the momentum well and, Honduras was unable to come up with a breakthrough for a chance at a goal that would tie the match once again.

Within moments, Ecuador drew a foul and a yellow card giving Honduras a much needed attempt to score a goal. Once again the strike was volleyed off Ecuador goalkeeper, Alexander Dominguiz. As the clock winded down and the game closed the looks on the faces of fans was that relief and sheer of joy. They had been on their feet, representing a sea of yellow, cheering and chanting throughout the entire 10 minutes to the ending.

It was final. After playing 8 matches in soccer’s biggest stage, FIFA World Cup, Honduras remains unable to get a win. Ecuador had made the rise above Honduras. The first prematch game Ecuador played was against Switzerland and they won 2-0. This is the second win for Ecuador and seals up their spot in Group E along with France. While Switzerland and Honduras are eliminated, Ecuador and France will both move to the knockout phase of the tournament.

By Kimakra Nealy
CBS Sports News
ABC News
The Baltimore Sun

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