Two Philadelphia Teens Pull Child From Fire on Their Way to School

Two Philadelphia Teens Pull Child From Fire on Their Way to Motivational High SchoolTwo teens stopped on their way to school to save a child from a house fire and then finished their commute as if nothing happened. Michael Eugene and Isaiah Palmer were headed to school on Tuesday morning when they saw a house in flames in Southwest Philadelphia. Instead of passing by or standing around to see if anyone would help these teens put their own life at risk to run into the home filled with smoke to save whoever was in the house.

Michael said when they heard the first popping sound they assumed it was gun shots. Isaiah added, that is when they looked over and saw the fire. The teens noticed that no neighbors were outside so they ran into the home. Once they got inside the home they found a grandfather and his grandchild. Once Michael and Isaiah got the two victims and ran back out of the flames they headed to school as if it was a normal morning.

The 17-year-old teens attend Motivational High School located at 5900 Baltimore Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Motivational is a small magnet high school where the theme is “Success Through Accepting Responsibility.” According to the school’s website it is referred to as a public school setting with a private school philosophy.

The school has a small population of only 225 students who are all poised for greatness. The students at Motivational High are preparing themselves for college and a professional career path. They are a liberal arts college preparatory school that offers all of their students the opportunity for enriched courses with relevance, high expectations and rigor. The students are invited to be successful, held to high standards of accountability; not just academically, but socially as well. Within the school students are held responsible for their actions in word and deed; they are applauded for random acts of kindness much like Michael and Isaiah demonstrated Tuesday morning.

Motivational integrates technology into their curriculum as a tool to individualize and improve learning and Two Philadelphia Teens Pull Child From Fire on Their Way to Schoolteaching. The staff members are committed to raising the academic performance standards to a higher level for each student. They are challenged to treat students the same as they would want their own child treated. The staff represents a variety of cultures with a wide range of experiences which helps the school provide unique events for their students. Rennu Teli-Johnson, the school principal, along with five other staff members are the proud recipients of the Rose Lindenbaum Award for excellence in education.

Due to the unexpected event which met the teens as they headed to school they ended up being about 30 minutes late. In keeping with the high standards required by the school, Michael and Isaiah both know Principal Teli-Johnson does not tolerate late arrivals. Michael said typically he does not arrive to school late, because that is uncharacteristic of him the principal wanted to know what happened.

Principal Teli-Johnson said when she walked into her office she wondered in the boys were coming from a BBQ because she smelled smoke. The teens explained why they were late as if what they had done was not a big deal. However, for the principal this was in fact a huge deal worthy of celebration. She made sure the two were checked out at the hospital and then honored them publicly at the school on Wednesday. Principal Teli-Johnson said she is extremely proud of them.

Michael Eugene and Isaiah Palmer stopped on their way to school and saved a child and his grandfather from a fire before continuing on to school as if nothing happened. The teens were headed to Motivational High School in Southwest Philadelphia when they stopped to put their own life at risk for the possibility of saving someone else. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire and the cause has not yet been clarified.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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