U.S. Divided on Iraq


The U.S. has been divided on handling the war in Iraq. Though it had appeared many U.S. citizens were in support of bringing home the troops, politics are again playing a role in whether the U.S. should help Iraq in establishing their own democracy, or help in defending their country against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The battle rages on as ISIS takes the war to the streets of Iraq to try and conquer the flailing government.

In an article found on CNN’s website titled, “Western-born jihadists rally to ISIS’s fight in Iraq and Syria,” it is reported that ISIS wants to establish an Islamic state ranging from the northern part of Syria into Iraq. The report mentions how jihadists from Britain and other parts of Europe are even joining ISIS to spread the message of Islam since they are unable to do it at home. Although many of these extremists claim to be taking on a “martyrdom mission,” one jihadist was reported as saying he wants to return to his home in Britain as a “conqueror.”

Meanwhile, in the U.S., NBC News reported a poll was conducted on the war in Iraq which showed 71 percent of those surveyed believe the war “wasn’t worth it.” Of those surveyed, half believe the U.S. should leave Iraq alone in handling their own political agenda, while 43 percent were reported as believing the U.S. should still intervene. Even House Speaker John Boehner had a divided opinion from that of President Obama when he was reported on Politico’s website as saying he wants an overall strategy for helping Iraq keep the freedom the U.S. has paid for so “dearly.” Boehner is against supporting any country which appears to foster terrorism.

The situation has divided so many among the political playing field that Huffington Post even reported Boehner may sue President Obama for abusing his use of executive orders! Although this may pertain to the Bergdahl case, or the prisoner of Al Qaeda who was traded for five terrorists, it is clear Boehner is making a point for President Obama to be transparent on the choices he is making as the President, and how it should be voted upon by Congress.

As Obama’s team of military advisors land in Iraq, it is no surprise that many groups are divided in how to handle the battle between ISIS and Iraq’s government, and whether the U.S. should play a role in preventing the fall of Iraq to Islamic militant forces. After all, as House Speaker Boehner put it, the U.S. has dealt with this before, and the leadership is still waiting for something to happen! It is not that easy, though! A strategy and plan takes time to implement prior to it being executed. The U.S. should know this above anyone else! However, with polls showing many U.S. citizens dissatisfied with how the U.S. government is handling the war in Iraq, maybe it’s time Congress and President Obama to come together with an overall strategy in resolving not only the conflict in Iraq, but hindering terrorism too.

Opinion by Liz Pimentel

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