US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Stuck in Mexican Jail on Gun Charges


As US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi remains stuck in a Mexican jail on gun charges without US Government intervention, US Border Patrol agents continue to detain and release armed Mexican law enforcement personnel straying across the border. Tahmooressi’s plight has gained the attention of US Representative Duncan Hunter (R. – Cal.), who is raising the decibel level to call out President Barack Obama and his administration for lack of action to seek the safe return of the Afghanistan veteran. The Marine’s supporters are creating a groundswell of sentiment for his release on Twitter under hashtags BringBackOurMarine and MarineHeldinMexico. Thus far, the US Government has been content to let the Mexican court system handle the matter with Tahmooressi potentially facing 6 to 21 years in Mexican prison for having three lawfully registered guns at a border checkpoint the Marine said he never even wished to cross.

The US Border Patrol discovered the most recent incursion by armed Mexican law enforcement personnel on June 5 as Chihuahua officers strayed across the border in search of a wounded man, who was found by Border Patrol agents on a farm close to the Mexican border. The four Mexican policemen were arrested, but unlike Tahmooressi, they were released two days later. The most recent border incursion by Mexican personnel follows a pattern uncovered by Rep. Duncan in his questioning of the US Department of Homeland Security. In a written statement to the Congressman, the Department acknowledged that over the past decade the agency is aware of at least 500 Mexican military and police personnel crossing the border illegally, often resulting in tense confrontations with US Border Patrol Agents. None of the Mexican nationals spend their days mired in the US legal system or stuck in jail on gun charges, as is the case for US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

The 25-year-old Marine reservist states that he did not even wish to cross into Mexico on March 31. He says he missed his turn to visit friends in border town San Ysidro, California and ended up at the nearby checkpoint. He had his pick-up loaded with his possessions, which included three lawful firearms. Tahmooressi told the Mexican border officials he was carrying the guns, a shot gun, a 45 caliber pistol and an AR – 15 rifle. Tahmooressi was detained and his Mexican legal ordeal began.

Jill Tahmooressi, the veteran’s mother, has initiated a petition drive to request White House action, which has garnered over 100,000 signatures. The Marine’s plight has reached the attention of Secretary of State John Kerry, who has initiated calls to Mexican officials, but the matter does not appear to have received urgent attention by his agency.

Tahmooressi has complained of inhumane treatment by Mexican officials, who were angered by an attempted escape. His family is now onto its third legal team in an effort to secure the Marine’s release. US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi now has the attention of many concerned supporters on the US side of the border as he remains stuck in Mexican jail on gun charges, while he and his family hope that US government intervention will create pressure for his release.

By William Costolo

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13 thoughts on “US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Stuck in Mexican Jail on Gun Charges

  1. Andrew – do you really believe he “missed the signs” – they are IMPOSSIBLE to miss – I live right next to San Ysidro and no one with the ability to drive could miss them. Not sure what he was doing there but I don’t for a second buy his excuse that he was just innocent – and just missed it – so he was going in and wait in an hour+ line to get out – just all innocent. BS!

    1. Yep I’m a dumb sailor and know which direction the sun rises and sets and which way north and south are. This guy is an idiot period!

  2. Bring this poor kid home. Obama traded five known terrorists for a deserter, but won’t lift a finger to hepl this Marine.

  3. Americans just can not carry weapons into Mexico. If we could tourism would flourish again. Who does this guy think he is…..Jesus??

    1. You’re misinformed.. Read the story and read the transcript from his interview. Other than that if you refuse to stand behind our military service members then feel free to stand in front of them.

  4. People who care about the truth would like to know where you got that info about crossing that checkpoint three times

  5. If the Obama administration secures his release, Sgt. Tahmooressi will be vilified by the Republicans in Congress.

  6. Start a small war? With three guns? In reality, I suppose you could start a small war with three ROCKS, provided you: 1) threw them at the right people; and 2) had armed backup to save you from imminent slaughter. Thus far, there have been no accounts of him being accompanied by war-mongering compatriots. Consider this: would you really use rocks that were registered in your own name were you intent on smuggling weapons (as has also been suggested) or any other nefarious purpose, for that matter? Sounds slightly… sensational. Were I inclined to start any kind of trouble in Mexico, let alone a war, I would not do it by myself, let alone with only three guns. I don’t even have the benefit of combat training to figure that one out.

    I, too, believe that Sgt. Tahmooressi is best served by the truth…and by a fair and careful justice system. It is traditionally the role of the U.S. Government to step in and protect citizens incarcerated in other countries and demand a complete vetting of all the evidence. Further intervention is warranted whenever a foreign government is found to have come to a hasty or unjust conclusion or has rendered punishment not befitting the crime. The Mexican government should either reciprocate our policy of freeing those who crossed the border (without committing further crimes) or be prepared to have its own citizens, armed military included, confined to U.S. jails.

  7. Yes wendy, and testing 28 x you both do need to take a trip to a Mexican jail and please don’t hurry back ! you seem to have a lot of information about what is happening behind those jail doors ? and also a slight hint like Obama that this gun owner, is some type of trash huh ?

  8. yes he is a liar he isnt being beaten then allowed to us the phone to call fox news. He made his own problems. Mom stated that the only trouble he had been in was pulling a gun on his sisters boyfriend. Everyone is turning a blind eye, just because hes a marine, they think hes innocent and can do no wrong.

    1. You should take his place then Ms. Lemons whether he is a liar or not is not the issue. He is still a human and deserves a fair and impartial trial as well as human rights. Maybe you should vacation down there and when you get locked up for some ridiculous violation we can see if your tone changes on these types of issues.

  9. Tahmooressi was identified in the article as a reservist and the escape attempt is referenced as well. Also, I do not believe that any news outlets are privy to private discussions between the respective government officials. Thank you for reading and providing your views.

  10. You’re a little confused. Tahmooressi was discharged (honorably) from the US Marine Corps in 2012. He was a civilian when he crossed into Mexico with a cache of arms sufficient to start a small war. He says it was an accident, but there is evidence contradicting his statement — which, by the way, is his third account of his actions that night. He initially lied to Mexican authorities and then attempted to escape from prison. And surely the Liberty Voice is not privy to whatever private talks may be going on between the governments of the US and Mexico.

    I believe that Sgt. Tahmooressi is best served by the truth. There is no point in lying and spreading false information about this case. It can’t help him; since the Mexican authorities already have the actual evidence, including video of Tahmooressi crossing through that checkpoint three times in the past.

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