Washington Woman Locked Sons in Room Where They Were Forced to Live in Filth

Washington Woman Locked Sons In Room Where They Were Forced to Live in Filth

A Tacoma, Washington woman has been accused of allegedly locking her three young sons inside a bedroom where they were forced to live among their own urine and feces. Tasha Noel Herndon, age 26, is facing very serious charges after Washington State police found the boys living in filth.

An anonymous neighbor declared that the children were living a horror story. She said it was absolutely terrible and just awful to hear about. The police received a call from an unknown person who requested a welfare check for Herndon’s three young boys ages 2, 3 and 6 at their home on the 700 block of Yakima Ave. The caller stated she had been inside Herndon’s home and while there, she had heard the boys crying and also rattling a door. She saw the mother toss a few crackers through a slit in the door and scream at the children to shut up. Court documents stated that when police investigators arrived at the home, they discovered the children were locked up in the bedroom with a door that had a deadbolt located so high on it that none of the boys were able to reach it.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist explained that the mother fed her sons, but barely, through the slot that had been put in the door. The room itself was compared to a prison cell, but only worse because it did not have any running water or even a toilet in there for them. The court papers also read that the bedroom was covered from the children’s’ feces and the carpet was soaked in their urine. They were filthy, did not have good speaking skills, two were completely naked and one was wearing stained, dirty underwear.

Herndon allegedly explained to Washington State police she knew that her sons were living in such disgusting, horrible conditions. She said that she and the children had moved into the house in October of 2013 but had not had electricity since March of this year and that was the reason she could not keep any food in the home. She blamed the boys for not having any beds by saying they had broken their beds and she had not bought any new ones because she expected to be evicted at any time.

She also explained that the boys were naked because they refused to wear clothes. She allegedly claimed she only ever locked her sons in the bedroom when she had to shower or wanted to take a nap and said she had absolutely no control over them.

The three boys were taken to a nearby hospital where they were reported to be doing fine. They were also interviewed when it was believed they were well enough to be able to do so. The 3-year-old was not able to speak very much and supposedly instead used hand gestures to show he ate pizza and hamburgers from the floor when he was given them . The 6-year-old explained to police detectives that the bedroom door was forever locked and their mom forced him to pick up the other boys’ feces with his bare hand and throw the waste out the window. After the hospital stay and interview, on June 2, the boys were put into protective custody.

Herndon herself was charged with three counts of unlawful imprisonment and three counts of criminal mistreatment. She pleaded not guilty and is now being held on a $300,000 bond at the Pierce County Jail. Prosecutor Lindquist stated that even in his business that he did not see cases that were so grim very often.

Herndon’s next court date is scheduled for July 1. She has been accused of locking her sons inside the bedroom where they were forced to live among their own urine and feces.  She will face some serious charges when she goes in front of the court again.

By Kimberly Ruble


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