Wendy Williams Being Stalked by Crazed Fan

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Television personality and former radio shock jock Wendy Williams is the latest celebrity to have the unnerving experience of being stalked by a crazed fan. According to reports, the alleged stalker has slipped through security on several occasions and wound up inside the building of the highly popular daytime talk show The Wendy Williams Show. 

On June 2, an unwelcome intruder got as close as the actual set of her show and insisted on having a face-to-face conversation with Williams. Security personnel at the Chelsea Studios in New York where The Wendy Williams Show is recorded before a live studio audience notified the New York Police Department. Due to Williams; high celebrity profile, the NYPD refused to give detailed description of the alleged stalker nor did authorities disclose specifics on disciplinary measures taken.

Wendy Williams is just one of a handful of celebrities dealing with stalkers in recent months. Actress Sanaa Lathan (Love and Basketball, The Best Man) reportedly had an intruder identified as Shawn Caples break into her home claiming to be her husband. Lathan found Caples sleeping in her laundry room and ordered him to leave. Returning to her property on subsequent occasions, Caples was arrested and sent to jail urging Lathan to file a restraining order keeping the stalker at least 100 yards from her upon his release. Singer Miley Cyrus recently filed a temporary restraining order against a man who has just been released from a psychiatric hospital. He plans to continue his efforts to get close to the singer. Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock made the news when a man hopped the fence to her home and roamed her property while the actress slept. Bullock’s stalker, identified as Joshua Corbett reportedly kept a diary on the actress detailing his obsession with her.

Wendy Williams is an opinionated talk show host, known for speaking her mind with harsh criticism and daily commentary of celebrities. She has been doing so for years as part of her on-air shtick that began during her early years as an urban radio DJ. With her public profile heightened now that The Wendy Williams Show, in its fifth season is seen in 52 countries, Williams does receive her own share of backlash from the fans of those she constantly speaks harshly of on television. Fans vocally take to social media and blast the self-proclaimed “Queen of all media” for her comments that are considered by some to be mean-spirited and hateful. Some speculate that Williams’ comments could easily make her a target from obsessed fans seeking retribution.

Williams surrounds herself with personal bodyguards while behind the scenes of her show. In light of the recent attempts by this supposed crazed fan to get close to her, staff at The Wendy Williams Show has chosen to make no comment on the unwanted visitor. Williams’ personal protectors are keeping an extra watchful eye on all those moving through the studio to ensure that the star of the show remains safe.

By Hal Banfield

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