Woman Banned for Feeding Zoo Lions


During the summer season many people are seen at theme parks like Disney or at places like zoos to see the lions, tigers, and bears. One rule that zoos are known to have is not to feed the animals. This is but one of the regulations for the safety of those that attend the zoo. The majority of the crowd listens to this knowing full well the dangers of the creatures which capture their attention. However, one Tennessee woman seems to think she is above these rules. This woman has now been banned for feeding the lions at the zoo.

It looked to be a good day for the visitors of the Memphis, Tennessee zoo. The incident which occurred took place near, or rather, inside of the lion enclosure. It was stated that the woman took on strange behavior. Approaching the enclosure, she was seen and heard singing to them, telling the lions that she missed them. Although many thought this was odd no one would have guessed that she would take her actions further than that. The woman, now banned from the zoo, was reportedly trying to feed cookies to the lions as she actually managed to get beyond the barrier.

The zoo visitors got much more than they probably paid for as there was more than just the usual attraction. According to other news reports surrounding this story, the woman continued on with her singing as if trying to serenade the kings of the jungle. One could perhaps compare this to the charming of a snake from the basket with the music from a flute. But this is not the first time, according to reports, that the woman banned from the zoo has tried feeding the lions.

Abbey Dane of the Memphis zoo gave a statement, saying that the woman was spotted the week before the incident throwing different things into the exhibit. According to Dane, security was the first to notice this behavior. Continuing on with the statement, Dane mentions that the woman had only been asked to leave the zoo. Some may even think to call it a warning. It was bad enough that she was trying to get close enough to the lions in order to feed them but what made it worse, and what got her banned, was that she was trying to feed them some type of cookie. Some animals are known to consume just about any type of food item, but when it concerns wildlife such as that of a lion, only professional staff and trained caretakers are allowed to do the feeding.

The woman banned from the zoo for feeding the lions cookies was not identified. However, she was seen wearing a pair of brown scrubs. Now, since she has been forever banned from stepping foot within the zoo, staff members were given a photograph of the woman to aid in identifying her should she try to visit the lions, or the zoo, again.

By Isis E. Stevens

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