World Body Painting Festival 2014 in Austria

The World Body Painting Festival has come to life and is taking place from June 29 through July 6, 2014. It is being held in Portschach, Worthersee, Carinthia, Austria. The event location is the beautiful Lake Worthersee area. This year the contests and festivities will bring the top artists arriving from 46 different countries around the globe. The festival is in its 17th year of providing various aspects of art and culture from around the world. It is a venue for the creative and talented artists to display this engaging art form of body painting.

The bodies of models will become the canvas that painters use to create their newest and boldest works of art. Applying various techniques to the model’s partially clothed and sometimes completely nude bodies, the artists work their magic to share with the world their imaginative creations. The models are covered head to toe in a stunning array of color, texture and design. All of the models are stunning works of art. Some of the models wear accessories that accompany the theme of their designs. The artwork is intricate and time consuming but the end results are astonishing.

A wide expanse of activities will also fill the festival. Workshops and lectures are provided for those who want to learn or perfect the art form. Music, fashion shows, contests and exhibitions will all be part of the festivities. International bands will perform as well as street artists, DJ’s and new bands. Fashion shows will consist of body art fashion and runway fashion. Make-up and creative make-up awards will be given by MAC and M.i.a. The World Championship in Body Painting Awards for 2014 will be given by Kryolan. Photo contests and days to photograph models will be held during the events and presented by Canon. A glimpse behind the scenes from last years festival is on the video below.

One of the wildest events will take place in a castle known as Schloss Moosburg. The castle was built it 1541. The event is known as the “Body Circus” and is hailed as being the most bizarre and unforgettable club effect imaginable. Extraordinary body painting, exquisite costumes and masks, extravagant fashions and amplified make-up and music create an atmosphere that is artistic and filled with a one of a kind intensity that can only be experienced at the “Body Circus” in the castle.

Another noteworthy event, among many others of course, takes place on Sunday, July 6, after the World Awards Finale and Presentations. This event is known as the Colour Splash or the Original Paint Party. Attendees splash themselves and others with color. The color can be seen smudged in every direction and landing on a wide assortment of fleshy targets. The rainbow of color delights and brings smiles to all who participate.

The World Body Painting Festival 2014 is a place to behold. It is a one of a kind adventure that holds many unique sights and sounds that most people would be eager to absorb. The crowd of attendees are mesmerized by the art and artists alike. The nonstop event calendar will be sure to provide something for everyone.

By Saki Kahala


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