World Cup Disaster Team England Return Home to Fan-Less Welcome

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The World Cup disaster team, England, has returned home to a fan-less welcome. In previous years, a few fans have attended to welcome their team home and congratulate them on getting as far as they got. However, there was nothing to congratulate this team for as it has become the first team in almost 60 years to not get past the group stages.

Wayne Rooney and co. only left for Miami, Florida 25 days ago. Their journey there was to get used to the heat, before flying down to Brazil where they would start their World Cup journey. However, fans were already annoyed at Roy Hodgson’s decision on playing a young and inexperienced team. Some fans have not let him forget that that decision could have cost them the advancement from the group stages.

Out of the three games played, the team lost two and drew one, ending up with just one point on the board. It was the worst team in Group D, with Italy getting three points, Uruguay getting six and Costa Rica going through as the leaders with seven points in the end after winning its first two games and drawing against England in its last. Not only has the team become the first in almost 60 years to not make it past the group stages, but it has become the first in the history of the tournament to finish in last place in the table.

Fans were so disappointed that they refused to welcome the England team home after the disastrous World Cup games. Fans may not have expected much from the players, but they certainly expected more. Many expected them to at least get through to the knock-out stages, and then likely go out on penalties as has happened in many previous years.

It is worth remembering that England has not been the only team to disappoint its fans. Spain and Italy have also left Brazil without getting through to the knock-out stages. Spain was the biggest surprise after winning the previous World Cup and two previous European Championships. It was a bad sign after coming up against The Netherlands in the first game, which was the team Spain played against in the last tournament final.

When it comes to England, there are now debates over whether Hodgson should go or not. Many blame him for sending such an inexperienced squad, but others put some of the blame onto Capitain Steven Gerrard, and question whether he will step down. Gerrard has spoken about his position, but made it clear that it is too early to make a decision yet. Losing the games and being knocked out of the tournament so quickly is still fresh in their minds, and could lead to rash decisions.

Coach Gary Neville, who accompanied Gerrard, Rooney and others off the plane in Manchester, is already tipped to become the next manager should Hodgson decide to step down. This may not happen considering this is the first international tournament the manager has had full control over. However, fans are disappointed and showed that in their fan-less welcome home to the World Cup disaster team England as the players returned.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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