Xbox One’s Exclusive Games

xbox oneThe Xbox One was recently announced to be selling a version of their system without the motion capturing software Kinect, making it as affordable as its rival: the PlayStation 4. Now that pricing may no longer be an issue with potential consumers, Microsoft is revealing more of Xbox One’s exclusive games.

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Halo 5: The Halo series has always been a loyal companion to Microsoft’s gaming systems. Halo 5 came as a surprise to fans after its reveal at E3 due to its predecessor’s ending, which had the elimination of a critical character and the end of the fictional war in the game. Fans assumed that was the end of the series. At E3, however, a teaser trailer was released for the next iteration of the game for the Xbox One: only a year after Halo 4.

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Dead Rising 3: Capcom announced that the next iteration of their popular zombie survival game will be available only for Xbox. The game has been noted by reviewers to take a darker, grittier tone from their previous games. However, the mechanics and premise of the game is the same: time limit, weapon creation, and massive crowds of never-ending zombies. The game features the largest map in the series: the fictional city Los Perdidos, California.

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Forza Motorsport 5: Turn 10 announced that the sequel to their extremely popular racing game will be made available exclusively on the Xbox One. A reviewer from Computer and Videogames stated that Forza Motorsport 4 may have been the greatest racing game ever created. The game has been featured in most of the demonstrations of the console’s power. The graphics of the game have been praised by fans and critics who describe its lifelike feel as “unbelievable.”

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Ryse: Crytek’s Ryse is being prepared to be one of the main Kinect games for the Xbox One. The conference demo featured a reimagining of the Normandy beach landing as a large Roman assault on a barbarian barricade. Crytek said that their emphasis for the game is immersion. They accomplished this by adding explosions, arrows, sparks, and destruction occurring all around the player in great detail, also the game is promised to be “seriously bloody.”

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Quantum Break: The new project from Remedy is much more mysterious than its fellow Xbox One exclusive games. The new game is the next product from the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Remedy stated that the game will push the boundaries of what people think of video games and live action entertainment. The game will be accompanied by a television series, and what happens in one will affect the other. The E3 demo featured a woman trapped in a time bubble moments after an explosion, and an unknown character pulling her out: not much else.

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Below: The new game from the developers of the popular iOS title Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery starked a contrast from its Xbox One exclusive companions who feature lots of violence and fighting. The game is a slow-paced dungeon crawler, with emphasis on exploration over action. The game has taken a minimalistic soft aesthetic.

By Andres Loubriel

Computer and Videogames
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2 Responses to "Xbox One’s Exclusive Games"

  1. Chris   June 13, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and Forza 5 were all launch titles from last year when the console was first released, there are a lot more exclusives then the ones you have listed here, most of which were shown off at E3 a few days before you wrote this article. So my question is why post this article and not include any of the new exclusives that were announced, if your going to name the article Xbox One Exclusive Games maybe do a little more research and include all the Exclusive Games?

  2. Tim   June 12, 2014 at 8:21 am

    Quantum Break sounds like a really cool game… that’s either gonna be a true revolution in games or a complete and utter fiasco. Not sure which yet…. But it’ll be fun to find out either way.

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