Xbox Website Gets an Update


The Xbox website will receive a much-needed update to take advantage of the improvements made with Xbox One profiles. Most of the updates come as the result of features asked for by the Xbox community. The Xbox One profiles have greatly improved over the profiles from the Xbox 360. New ways to share and display achievements have become available and users wanted a way to share beyond the console. Those looking to share their videos and achievements online will find new ways to do so when the Xbox website is updated.

The new profile page on the Xbox website has been redesigned to take advantage of the larger profile pictures and extensive gamer data. Large profile pictures will be available to download for those that wish to share them online or use them on other social sites. Users can also go through their own achievements and view large images of their achievement art. The achievement art images can be viewed in a large format and can also be saved for sharing or to use as a desktop background.

Users have asked for a way to share their recorded game clips online and Microsoft is going to add this feature to the Xbox website. A user can view their own saved and uploaded game clips on their gamer profile page. During the preview, it looked as though Microsoft would be using their own embedded video player and no direct sharing options were seen. That may change in the future, but for now users can link to their profiles and even look at their friend’s game clips through the Xbox website.

The Xbox website gets an update as users were stuck using their Xbox One console and the Xbox One Smartglass app to view the new profile features. The console offered ways to view gamer profiles in detail and share games clips in a social hub, but those clips were only available through the console. On the Smartglass app, users are able to view profiles, achievement details and view game clips through the app. Those features were also locked into the app and offered no way to share. Now, Microsoft will be able to allow further viewing of those features on their Xbox website.

Many more features are on the way to the Xbox website. Microsoft is looking into making the website more socially active and will add functions such as a game timeline on profiles. New updates on what a gamer is doing or sharing will be put on a timeline that friends can view. Instead of having to poke around a friend’s profile to see which achievements have been unlocked, the new timeline will update and show which achievements have been unlocked recently.

Recent games played and game clips shared will also show up on the timeline. This is a feature that has been asked for by the community and Microsoft is on its way to deliver it soon. A date when it will roll out to the website has not yet been announced.

The Xbox website will get an update within the first week of July. Microsoft has been very open to changing the Xbox One console to the desires of their users. Now Microsoft is taking another step forward into also changing their website to please those gamers that wish to share their profiles and achievements.

By Raul Hernandez