2014 Commonwealth Games Rugby 7s Highs and Lows

2014 Commonwealth GamesThe 2014 Commonwealth Games is in full swing, and this weekend was full of highs and lows for rugby 7s fans. The biggest low for the home crowd, was after Scotland’s disappointing defeat against New Zealand on the Saturday. It was a close game, too, which made it slightly worse.

However the Welsh fans would not have been happy. During Sunday’s game against Australia the team was winning all the way until the last minute. Unlike usual Rugby Union, the game really does not end until the whistle has officially blown to signify the end of the game.

With five points in it, at 59 seconds to go the Welsh seemed to accept victory. That was when the Australian side pushed for that final try, and with three-on-one the team should have had some work to do. The Welsh let the Australians through to take the game to a draw. Of course, the conversion was scored, meaning Wales lost 21-19 with no time left to do anything. The crowd at the Ibrox Stadium, who were mostly rooting for the Welsh, could see and feel the disappointment coming from the boys in red.

However, the rugby 7s was not all about the lows, and there have been plenty of highs this 2014 Commonwealth Games. One of those at the weekend was for South Africa, who stormed to victory to take the gold. One of those games was against the host nation, but Scotland was not going to make it easy. While in the end it was 35-12 but the Scottish players showed they wanted it after the first three tries were conceded.

2014 Commonwealth GamesSouth Africa went on to defeat Samoa and then New Zealand in the final. New Zealand seemed to be the hardest match for the team. After all, the All Blacks are known for their great rugby skills and ruthless tactics. As soon as a team makes a mistake, the players are right there taking advantage of it. That was the case throughout the weekend.

South Africa had a similar tactic of making use of mistakes, which helped the players ride to victory in the end. It was a very close game but the All Blacks lost 17-12 at the 2014 Commonwealth Games rugby 7s.

While the rugby was going on, the crowds in the stands were attempting to push their own teams to victory. The Ugandans saw a lot of support, especially during the game against England on the Saturday night. Likewise, on the Sunday the Scots were rooting for the Samoans to beat the English, showing that the rivalry is still very much alive. Of course, there were still plenty of English in the stadium to offer the boys in red and white support.

The sound when the Scots were playing was deafening, even when the team was losing. One person would start a chant and the whole stadium would join in, showing just how Scottish fans do it.

It was a disappointing weekend for those who wanted to see another Scottish medal, but it was an exciting weekend of rugby. Like any tournament, the 2014 Commonwealth Games rugby 7s was full of highs and lows for all teams.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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