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Amazon Kindle is testing a subscription service for eBooks. The “Kindle Unlimited” service is already been dubbed as Netflix for eBooks, and will be available to all those with access to any type of Kindle, including those who have the apps for the computer and mobile devices.

The new service would allow people subscribed to read as many books as they wish without having to pay for them. They just pay the alleged $9.99 charge each month, similar to the $7.99 charge for Netflix. For that amount there will be 600,000 books available to download and read. It will almost be like having a whole library on the Amazon Kindle, and there is no way that people will get through all them in a lifetime.

Amazon already offers something similar at the moment. Amazon Prime allows users to borrow books through their library, but they can only read one book a month. It is also only limited to the Amazon devices, the Kindle Fire and eReaders. Prime offers other Amazon benefits, and has become extremely popular for users. There is even an affiliate program for those who want to make a little extra money by getting people to sign up for it.

It appears that the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription service is now being tested for those who love eBooks. However, this is not the first time that a subscription service for eBooks has been released. The benefit for Amazon is the name behind it. People will know that it is trustworthy, and will be happy that a large range of books will be available for downloading.

Oyster has already created a “Netflix for eBooks” service. Some will worry that a small startup like this will be hit by the shopping giant, but Oyster has one thing that Amazon will reportedly not have: the bigger publishers.

Many of the larger publishers request extremely large upfront fees for adding their books to something like this. It is too much for some companies to pay, but Oyster agreed. That is due to the titles that these larger publishers have. They are the titles that people want to read and will download.

The Amazon test pages do not currently have any of the larger publishers, but that does not mean they will not be an option for them at a later date. Right now, Amazon is likely looking into better deals with the various publishers to make all the books available for their subscribers.

There is no confirmation as to whether Kindle Unlimited will be part of Amazon Prime or not. It is unlikely to be part of Prime considering the monthly fee versus Prime’s annual $99 fee. Having the new Unlimited option will work out more expensive for subscribers, so it makes sense for Amazon to have it as a standalone option.

There is still no confirmation of when this new subscription service will be released. However, there are hopes that it will come soon. For now, Amazon Kindle is just testing its new subscription service, which has been dubbed “Netflix for eBooks.”

By Alexandria Ingham


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