Casey Kasem Still Not Buried

Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem’s body has still not been buried, despite dying a month ago. It is very unusual for a funeral to take so long, unless it is a suspicious case where police cannot allow for the body to be released back to the family members. The problem for the radio host is a family feud.

There is still no certainty over who will be able to take control of Kasem’s body. The 82-year-old was in hospital on the day of his death, June 15, after suffering from Lewy body dementia. At the time, visitation and care rights for him were being argued about between various family members, including Jean Kasem, his wife, and his children.

The American Top 40 host’s daughter, Kerri, explained that her father was still in the morgue in Washington. Since a funeral cannot be held yet, the children decided to hold a memorial service. It was attended by the voice actor’s son and three daughters, but his wife was not there.

At the moment, the widow holds the rights to the body, but she has not yet arranged for anything to happen with it. Her stepchildren would like to see their father buried so he can rest in peace, which has led to further legal battles. They would like to see him buried at California’s Lawn Memorial Park. However, the four children from the actor’s first marriage had been cut off from him by their stepmother over recent months.

The whole situation has led to Kasem still not being buried despite his death being a month ago. There are no signs of this being over as of yet, either, which is upsetting for the whole family.

It has been a tiring few months for all. The actors children were left to file a missing person’s report for their father in the months before his death. He was staying in a nursing home in California, but his wife of 33 years chose to move him to a private residence within Washington without informing them. At that point, his daughter Kerri had been given the power to decide end-of-life measures as her father was unable to eat, speak or move alone due to the debilitating disease.

The secret move on Jean’s part was because Kerri wanted her father moved to a hospital so he could get all the care he needed. His wife allegedly threw raw hamburger meat at the children and the ambulance staff to prevent the action. She believed that her husband was comfortable and happy at his current location, and stated that he had told her so. She also claimed that he stated he did not want his eldest daughter handling his affairs.

The legal battles continue. According to the New York Daily News, Jean wants a private autopsy completed because she believes elder abuse was involved in his death. Investigators would like the autopsy to be unbiased, so are working with Adult Protective Services to arrange for something to happen. Until then, Kasem’s body will remain still unburied in the morgue.

By Alexandria Ingham


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