Amber Rose Happy She Escaped Former Love Kanye West [Video]

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Amber Rose Happy She Escaped Former Love Kanye WestAmber Rose is happy she escaped her former relationship with rapper Kanye West. Amber and Kanye were a highly publicized couple, as is anyone who pairs up with Mr. West. Wendy Williams, the host who is known for bringing up juicy gossip, asked Amber if she was glad she escaped her former beau Kanye and Amber exclaimed, “Yes!” She and the famed rapper dated from 2008 to 2010, right before he entered a relationship with his now wife, Kim Kardashian.Amber Rose Happy She Escaped Former Love Kanye West

Amber has since moved on with rapper Wiz Khalifa, the two have a son together named Sebastian. When speaking of her husband, Amber said he is just a genuinely sweet guy. The budding actress said this is what made her fall in love with him; she made up her mind that she does not care if he is a rapper or if people call her a gold-digger.

The actress said she does not care if people say she went from one rapper to another. She loves him and does not even look at him as a rapper. Amber said she looks at him as Cameron Thomaz, not Wiz Khalifa, and does not careAmber Rose Happy She Escaped Former Love Kanye West what anyone has to say.

In another interview Amber weighed in on the possibility of her son, Sebastian, one day having a play date with her ex-boyfriend Kanye’s daughter North West.

I’m open for my son to make his own decisions. They are the same age; as they get older if they want to hang out, that’s absolutely fine.

The socialite turned actress recently appeared on the Wendy Williams Show to talk about her upcoming film School Dance, Nick Cannon’s new comedy. The film centers on a high school student who has found his dream girl. The only problem is she has no idea he even exists. If this “dreamer” can win a spot on the school’s hottest dance crew he just may have a shot.

Of course there is no way Wendy was going to let Amber leave her set without bringing up Kanye and Kim’s nuptials. Amber, however, refused to bite the bait and remained tight-lipped about the highly publicized wedding. Kanye married Kim, the mother of his only child, in an Italian ceremony that broke Instagram records and stormed headlines.

Amber Rose Happy She Escaped Former Love Kanye WestAmber was not up for discussing her former relationship but in times past has called Kim a home wrecker who broke up the relationship the two shared. During a well-known interview Amber said Kanye cheated on her with his reality star wife and stated she was the main reason her and the rapper split. She said Kim was sending her ex pictures and she tried to address it with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star but she refused to respond.

Later Amber apologized for calling Kim a derogatory term but never wavered on her claim that she played a major role in her and Kanye’s relationship ending when it did. Amber said at the time it was just something she had to get off her chest so people would know the truth but she was not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Although Amber and Kanye have both moved on from the relationship they once shared it seems the questions still arise surrounding what used to be. When Wendy asked Amber what she thought about Kanye’s relationship with his new wife she laughed and said, “That is none of my business, Wendy.” However when Wendy asked the actress if she was glad she “escaped” Kanye, without hesitation she exclaimed, “Yes!”

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