American Ninja Warrior: 100-Pound Women Conquers Fierce Course [Video]

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior has packed a lot of punch with this season’s tiny competitor, Kacy Catanzaro, who conquers a fierce course that many men have failed at. At just 5 feet 10 inches, this gymnast weighs in at just 100 lbs, yet she has succeeded where many a man has failed, and has become a YouTube sensation in the process. She is not only in the competition to win it, she also wants to inspire others to get up and get fit, and this little gymnast is certainly a worthy mentor and definitely someone people of all ages can look up too. She is the first woman to complete one of the toughest courses on the NBC show, and it is getting fans excited for the possibility of a women winning the whole thing. Shown below at the Dallas finals of American Ninja Warrior, Catanzaro is seen running this course like a pro, while her coach, Brent Steffensen,¬†who is also her boyfriend and a star competitor on the show, looks on shouting words of encouragement and cheering with the crowd.

Kacy and boyfriendThe next leg of the American Ninja Warrior competition will be aired in August, and will be held in Las Vegas where Catanzaro has earned her spot in the show. Being a gymnast, she knows the sacrifices of a true athlete. She has shown how far discipline can take a person, and she wants to spread the word about the benefits of being physically fit. Looking good is only a superficial benefit. The true reward from being fit is how you feel inside and how much more a person can do and accomplish, and that is the message this fierce competitor wants to get out to the world. Motivational speaking is what Catanzaro has her eye on next. She wants to speak at schools and show young people what they can do to be physically fit. She has only to show the kids this video, and the benefits of exercise and discipline are readily apparent, and most any child would be awe-inspired to meet a true life ninja.

Watching the video below, fans will see some amazing feats of physical ability that many of the men competitors fail to meet. Catanzaro is the first women to finish this course and the first woman to get a spot in the Vegas games. The upper body strength required to do these obstacles is intense, to say the least, and the crowd and the shows announcers look on in amazement, erupting into spontaneous chants of “Kacy, Kacy, Kacy.” These obstacles are designed to weed out the weak, and being so tiny, there were many spots during this course that the fans and even the announcers believe that there was no way for her to finish. Proving them all wrong, Catanzaro proves that the next American Ninja Warrior can indeed be a 100-pound woman that can make mincemeat out of the fiercest of courses. Fans can see her and Steffensen in the traveling obstacle course which is visiting cities all across the United States.

Commentary by Kristi Cereska

USA Today

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  1. Steve   July 22, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    Holy cow! She’s a superhero.

  2. Kay   July 21, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    5; 10″? I think you meant 5′ nothing?

    • Daniel   July 21, 2014 at 3:32 pm

      Kay is correct, Catanzaro is 5 foot even.


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