‘America’s Got Talent’ Best Audition: Mara Justine

America s Got Talent mara justine

One of the things that makes NBC’s reality show America’s Got Talent so great is that it is open to acts of all ages, and singer Mara Justine proved to be the best audition act they had for season nine. Her voice was not only surprising, but was so amazing that it brought the entire crowd to its feet, and America’s Got Talent judge Howard Stern hinted that the 11-year-old was the clear favorite to win the competition, she was that good.

Mara Jusitne came on stage looking incredibly humble and meek. The girl who looked like she was barely over 4-1/2 feet and weighed no more than 70 pounds. She also looked unbelievably nervous and a bit overwhelmed on stage. It was anyone’s guess as to what was going to be expected out of her. Stern asked her if she was nervous, then told her “I don’t blame you, I would be nervous too.” He then admitted that anyone would be nervous, so there was no reason to lie to her.

Mara Justine chose to sing And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going from Dreamgirls, and when she hit the first note, it was clear that something special was about to happen. Stern began to laugh at the “wow” moment, and judges Mel B and Howie Stern looked at each other in amazement at what was coming out of the 11-year-old’s mouth. It was clear within the first few seconds of her singing that Mara Justine was probablyn the best audition in season nine of America’s Got Talent that the audience was going to see.

The young crooner not only had the voice to perform the song amazingly well, but added a lot of attitude and personality to the piece that made it absolutely captivating to watch. She spun, smiled and stormed across the stage in one part, serving notice to the other acts that she was the one to beat. She held one of the last notes of the song with astonishment, causing Stern to throw his hands into the air, like he could not believe what he was seeing and hearing. It was truly an astounding moment.

When the song ended the young singer looked like she was about to cry at how well her performance had gone. The judges were mesmerized, and Stern admitted that she had brought the “wow moment” that the judges wait for each year. She got not only the judges but the whole audience to their feet in an instant even before she sang the final cord.  Mel B encouraged Mara Justine’s mom to join her on stage and Stern asked the mother how she was going to spend the million dollars.  Her performance was just that amazing to the judge.

As the show moves from the audition round to Las Vegas, Mara Jusitne served notice that she is the best act on America’s Got Talent. Many in the entertainment world are waiting to see what she will do to follow up this performance.

Opinion by Nathan Sullivan

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