‘America’s Got Talent’ Eighth Best Audition: David & Leeman

America s Got Talent David and Leeman

One of the highlights of America’s Got Talent has always been the cool magicians the show attracts and David and Leeman are a great example as they check in as the eighth best audition from this season. The two put on an unusual illusion that was different from any act that had ever been on the show before. It created as much awe effect as Eric Diddelman did two seasons ago with his mind-reading act. It was both fun and entertaining.

The two began their act by introducing themselves, but realizing they had done so “incorrectly” because they had the wrong name tags on, so using a quick sleight of hand the correct name appeared on the right performer. It seemed to really impress judge Howie Mandel.

The two pointed out that they were not exactly magicians, but were really going to do a demonstration of pseudo-science. The two had created an act based upon what they called “pressure phrenology,” where they could change the way a person thought by the way that they squeezed his head. They invited Mandel on stage to demonstrate. The entire act seemed rather cheesy at first when they asked him two questions where the answer was clearly going to be no. Then the two got down to business.

Leeman squeezed on Howie’s head while David showed the audience a card that read “comedian” on it. He showed the judges and asked them if they could read it and they said yes. He then turned it to Howie and asked him to sound it out. For some amazing reason Mandel could not do so. The other judges laughed uproariously. An aggravated Mandel asked the other three judges if they could read the card, and they laughingly told him yes. He seemed confused like they were lying to him. It was a great moment that only got better, and is a prime reason why David and Leeman were one of the best eight audition acts on America’s Got Talent this season.

Leeman then squeezed Howie’s head again as David showed the next word, one that was very familiar to Mandel: “Germaphobe.” When he first attempted to sound it out he sounded out something like “gorapoops” which caused a great deal of laughter again.  A frustrated Mandel then yelled at the other judges, “Why is this a word you know!” Next Mandel was shown a card that had his name on it.  When trying to sound it out Howie gave something like “Avlo Moonano.” The judges laughed and continued to laugh the entire routine. Judges Howard Stern and Mel B were particularly amused as Mandel screamed at them, “That’s what it says!!”

The squeezing ended and Mandel was shown the three cards again. He could now read them perfectly, and when he came back to the judges table he asked the other judges if they had been shown a different card earlier, and they told him no. The incredulous Mandel did not believe them. Mandel was sure he was being pranked in some way.

The America’s Got Talent judges thought that the entire act was great, and all four gave enthusiastic yes votes. Heidi Klum even asked to be the one who they used on stage next time, to which the two enthusiastically agreed. David and Leeman were a sensational act that deserved the ranking of the eighth best audition on America’s Got Talent this season.

Opinion by Nathan Sullivan

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