Andy Murray Crashes Out of Wimbledon Losing Straight Sets

Andy Murray

Andy Murray crashed out of Wimbledon last night after losing in straight sets against Grigor Dimitrov. He has since spoken out about his quarter-final defeat, apologizing and admitting that he played badly in the beginning. That gave his opponent the opportunity and confidence to overtake him and then wipe him out.

Many in the UK will not joke that Murray is Scottish again, rather than being British. It is an ongoing joke, and he had the chance to remain British after last year’s win. However, the Wimbledon champion will go home hanging his head in shame, after surprising everyone with his straight set defeat. It has been a major shock considering his straight set wins in every other game so far.

The 27-year-old admitted that the start of his game was poor. There seems to have been something going on beforehand, and he was heard muttering about something happening five minutes before the match. It is unclear just what that something was, and how it would have affected Murray’s psyche going into the game. However, it certainly had an impact.

The former Wimbledon champion admitted that he should have played better at the start. He should have made it harder for Dimitrov to beat him, and that would have helped at least prevent the straight set defeat. His apology will likely be accepted by the majority of tennis fans as they understand that sometimes the greatest have bad games. His defeat came just after seed number one, Raphael Nadal, was knocked out.

Murray crashing out at Wimbledon and losing in straight sets happens to everyone now and then. Even the highest ranking tennis players get knocked out early every once in a while, but he just has to pick himself up so it does not happen again. He will remember his win over Novak Djokovic in last year’s final, which was surprisingly in straight sets.

Fans in the United Kingdom are disappointed after a poor summer when it comes to sports. England was the only football team to make it to the World Cup, and was the first in 56 years to go out in the group stages. All hopes were on the tennis player to at least get to the final again. It brings an end to the 17-match streak at Wimbledon, including his performance at the 2012 London Olympics.

Dimitrov realized that his opponent was not on his best form, and used it to his advantage. He has played against the Scot in the past, and even trained with him. That helped him realize that the way he was striking the ball was not the best, and showed his head was not in the game. The question now is where his head actually was.

Matt Gentry, spokesman for the player, says there is nothing off about the muttering. It is something the 27-year-old does regularly, even with the colorful language thrown in. However, Gentry did admit that he did not hear the cries but could see that something was throwing him off the game. Whatever it was, threw Murray so off that he has crashed out of Wimbledon in the quarter finals losing in straight sets.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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