Beyonce and Jay Z Involved in More Divorce Rumors


Beyonce and Jay Z are involved in more divorce rumors. This time it is while they are on their joint tour, which has allegedly led to a lot of drama and problems.

All the issues rose to the surface in May when Solange Knowles and Jay Z got into an altercation in an elevator. Nobody still really knows what happened before, during or after, but there are thoughts that it was due to her brother-in-law’s string of women and the way he treats Beyonce. However, Queen B stood back and just watched it all happen and later went to bed.

Shortly after the elevator incident rumors started that the two were divorcing. The 32-year-old had reportedly had enough and was starting to think her marriage was over. However, a month later it was reported by many media outlets that the two were trying to work things out. They did not want to divorce, they had a major tour coming up and they had a daughter to think about before they did anything rash.

Some of Jay Z’s actions during counselling showed that he wanted to work things out. He even cut ties with Rachel Roy, the girl rumored for the elevator incident, during a session to prove to his wife that he wanted to make this work. It all seemed back to normal on the outside again.

Now the tour is underway and Beyonce and Jay Z are involved in more divorce rumors. The latest come because both were spotted without their wedding rings. Shortly before the May elevator incident the Crazy in Love singer had been spotted without her tattooed ring, also leading to debates that they were on the verge of divorce. It is worth noting that the photo snapped at one point during their set, where they may choose to take their rings off due to rubbing while they are sweating on stage.

According to The Daily Mirror, the couple is attempting a trial separation. The last thing they want is to divorce, whether that is due to the financial and legal drama or due to their beliefs in unknown. However, they also need to make it last long enough to get through their On the Run tour. This is a major investment for venues all over the world that have paid upfront to host the power couple.

It seems that Jay Z’s womanizing is causing a problem. Beyonce allegedly blew up at her husband because of an incident with groupies. She even tweaked some of her lyrics to suggest that her husband had cheated on her and that she had had enough of it. For her to do that is out of character as she likes to keep her private life private, but it may just show just how close she is to breaking point.

This is something the couple needs to work out between them. There is a lot more at stake than their marriage. They have a two-year-old daughter to think about, who will be deeply affected by everything that is going on. She will continue to be affected while Beyonce and Jay Z continue to be involved in divorce rumors.

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  1. mzyatta   July 23, 2014 at 1:07 am

    They need to work things o7t. Not only for the baby but bcuz they love each other and compliment each other well


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