Beyonce Considering Leaving Jay Z?


Could Beyonce really be considering leaving her husband Jay Z? That is the way it seems at the moment as rumors include her looking for an apartment just for her. According to a source, she seemed to be looking in secret and was very quiet about it all.

The rumors of Beyonce and Jay Z divorcing have been around since the incident in the elevator in May. Solange Knowles attacked her brother-in-law, while her sister just watched and waited for it to finish. People instantly started to question the type of relationship the Destiny’s Child front woman and the rapper were in, but also the reason for the argument.

Understandably, none of the members involved have opened up about the incident. It was supposed to be behind closed doors and people only found out due to a member of the hotel leaking the video to the press. Nobody would have been any the wiser had that not happened.

Now, all eyes are on whether Beyonce and her husband will split up. It appears the two are going through counselling at the moment because they really do want to make it work. However, there are tensions on tour and the Survivor singer did mysteriously change lyrics in one of her songs seemingly to hit out at Jay Z.

It has all led to this point, and it seems like Beyonce is really considering leaving Jay Z. It appears that she has been looking for her own apartment in New York. Of course, divorce may not be on the cards. There could be multiple reasons for her searching for her own place.

One of those could be somewhere to stay when she is in New York. Another could be for somewhere to go when she needs some time to herself or while her husband is on his own tours. The two are extremely busy people, and they do spend time apart when their touring schedule dictates. Their recent tour together is only the first one that they have officially done and there is no guarantee that it will ever happen again.

At the same time, she may have been quiet because she did not want to raise attention to herself. The apartment could be for the two of them to share when they are in New York or when one is on tour without the other. The 32-year-old could even have been buying it for a family member.

However, people close to music’s power couple do state that they will divorce at some point. It is a question of when it will happen. It seems like the two just cannot get passed their problems, despite clearly wanting to make it work.

The two have been trying to dispel the rumors with various pictures on their Instagram pages. Just recently, the Drunk In Love singer shared a photo of Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy on the beach. The caption stated that her favorite hue was “Jay Z Blue.” However, the attempts may not be enough to fool people that something just is not quite right. Her actions of possibly searching for a new apartment for herself and her two-year-old daughter speak volumes, and it seems like Beyonce is considering leaving Jay Z for good.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


New York Post