Beyoncé Forgives Jay Z for Cheating

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Another day and another rumor is going around that Beyoncé and Jay Z are getting a divorce. Since the infamous elevator fight between Solange Knowles and Jay Z, the couple has been in every headline for their crumbling marriage. However, it seems that Beyoncé must have forgiven Jay Z for cheating, and has moved on.

Lets back up a bit. In the past year, Jay Z has been linked to several different women, and according to reports, the rapper has had many affairs. Jay Z has been linked to Rita Orta, Rihanna, Casey Cohen, Rachel Roy, and most recently, Mya. Mya released a statement and denied ever having an affair with Jay Z. Others have also denied the cheating rumors.

About the same time these rumors surfaced, Solange Knowles attached Jay Z in an elevator. It was shocking for fans to watch Solange kick and swing, over and over, at her sister’s husband. However, it was more shocking that Beyoncé was standing right by Jay Z the entire time, and did nothing to stop the attack. The media quickly speculated that Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé, and that’s why Solange was attacking him and Beyoncé was not stopping her.

Then came the couples On the Run tour. During every performance, Beyoncé and Jay Z are on stage together, singing, and showing just how in love they are. Fans have also taken to Twitter to comment about the power couple being more in love than ever. So it seems that Beyoncé has moved on and decided to forgive Jay Z for allegedly cheating.

Or has she? When Beyoncé was singing her song Resentment, off her B’Day album from 2006, she changed the lyrics. The original words of the song went, “Been ridin’ with you for six years why did I deserve/ to be treated this way by you.” Beyoncé decided to change the words from six years to twelve years, which is how long she had been with Jay Z. Beyoncé also added the words, “She ain’t even half of me. That bitch will never be.” Which seems to confirm the rumors that Jay Z did cheat.

However, every time the media starts speculating that the couple is on the rocks, Beyoncé will post a picture to her Instagram account of Jay Z and Blue Ivy. Just today, reports came out that Beyoncé has been shopping for an apartment in New York, without Jay Z. Rumors are swirling that she will divorce the rapper when the tour is over. Almost immediately, Beyoncé responded by posting a picture of Blue Ivy in Jay Z’s arms, saying that they were her favorite hue.

So did Jay Z cheat, did Beyoncé forgive him, or are they getting a divorce when the tour ends? Die-hard fans are convinced that the couple will never separate. Some fans believe that Jay Z did cheat, but because that’s what everyone in Hollywood does, it doesn’t matter. Beyoncé was also accused of cheating in the past, leading other fans to speculate that the two have an open marriage. Still, other fans say that they are only staying together because they are the ultimate power couple. It seems like everyone will just have to keep on speculating because Beyoncé and Jay Z are staying mum. However, it is keeping them in the news, so maybe the jokes on us.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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