Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons Involved in Quitting Hoax?

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Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory has been involved in a hoax involving him quitting the show. The actor allegedly had an on-set fight with co-star Johnny Galecki and it was the last straw. He has decided to move on and leave the writers to figure out a way to write his character from the show.

The actor plays the loveable genius Sheldon Cooper. Many argue that the show would not even survive without him, and it has led to thoughts that the Big Bang Theory could come to an end. However, the show is now contracted for another three seasons.

With just one establishment reporting this, it is clear that the news is more than likely a hoax. After all, there are already problems with the cast asking for much more per episode since the show is so popular. Parsons and his co-stars, including Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, reportedly want as much as $1 million per episode, which is the amount that Friends actors received by the end of their 10-year stint on the show.

There are points in the Empire News report from the hoax article that make it clear that it has to be false. To start with, the report explains that the actors have been filming season eight since June. This is not true. Season eight is still being written, and many will now know that the actors have not committed to their contracts yet. The news that Jim Parsons is quitting the Big Bang Theory has to be a hoax.

Another line that shows the report is false is the fact that Chuck Lorre announced that the stars—or their agents—want much more per episode “than they deserve.” Considering it is partially the actors that have made the show so big and the show would collapse if they all left, he would not likely voice this opinion even if it were his real opinion. This was a report on Parsons and it led to attacking the cast as a whole.

This is not the first time a report from Empire News has created false information on the Big Bang Theory. On a search about the publication, it seems that it is supposed to be a satire news site. None of the information is real, and it is important to read between the lines. The problem is so many people will fall for the reports at first glance because they seem so genuine.

There is no truth to the information the site is spreading. It is a case of fans need to be careful what they believe, and double check the facts at first. It is worth looking at whether other publications are reporting the same thing and also reading between the lines for information that just does not seem right. People have already fallen for the story that Parsons is leaving the show because many will not know all the facts right now.

The fact is the contract negotiations are still happening. The filming of the news season has definitely not started yet, and the contract negotiations may delay the start. Parsons quitting the Big Bang Theory over an on-set argument with Galecki is a hoax.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Empire News is a satirical news site. It says so right in its disclaimer on their front page.

  2. It’s just a show , they come and go. It will become tired at some point. Better to leave the audience wanting more than it becoming awful.

  3. GP, clearly not if it’s doing this well? I don’t think you understand how business (in this case, show business) works.
    But in a nutshell; thing does good, thing gets money. thing not does good, thing not get money, thing dies.

  4. The big bang theory is one of the best tv show I’ve seen in a long time so shut the hell up

  5. Big Bang Theory is one of the worst television shows ever made. It should’ve been aborted before it was even born.

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