Bikers Life Uncensored


Motorcycle riders are notoriously tight knit groups, and this is a look at a bikers life uncensored. Riders come from all walks of life, and many people would be surprised to know that your teacher or office worker are part of an elite group. Not all are associated with actual groups or gangs, yet all share a love of the road and especially the ride. The brotherhood and kinship runs deep, as these days it is more dangerous to ride with the millions of cars on the roads each day.  People see a group riding together and some will openly judge them without even knowing what they are about. Bikers even have their own way of communicating with each other while on the road, and they do not care if the riders are old or young, white or black, male or female, if a person is on a bike you will receive the bikers salute. If ever two bikes are passing on the road, one may see them point downward with one or two fingers, and what this means is, keep the rubber side down, stay safe.

BikersThis community comes together for many reasons and a lot of them involve charity, bikers are notorious for giving back. They also will take care of their own, motorists will rarely see just one bike on the side of the road, as these riders will do something that is so very rare these days, they will stop to see if they can help. A biker is never alone on the road, and not only will other bikers stop to help, it has been known to happen that even a little old lady will stop to ensure they are safe because “my sons and grandsons ride.” Pictured here are a father and his three sons working on their bikes together while attending a rally, the mind set of one who rides is instilled into their children and grandchildren, and the morals of many could put that church going, judgmental person to shame. Bikers ride for charity events across the United States year round, whether it is Toys For Tots or to help a local charity, most are ready to step up and do what they can for others.

husbands and wivesAlso pictured here are husbands and wives together and working to fix a problem on one of their bikes, these are the people one may know in their everyday life, yet never know that they are bikers. They are not in a gang, they ride for the love of riding, and they instill in their children the values, morals, and sense of community. The next time a group of bikers is seen on the road, give them the respect they give each other, share the road, and remember, they could be fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and may just be coming from a rally to help the local children’s hospital. Bikers uncensored, is really about everyday people who go to work everyday, and put their pants on one leg at a time, they are no different than anyone else, except for the fact that they choose to ride motorcycles instead of driving a car.

Opinions by Kristi Cereska


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