Calgary Stampede Serves New Menu: Would You Eat These?

Calgary StampedeThe Calgary Stampede, from July 4-July 13, is back and serving up a whole new menu for all the foodies out there. The stampede, otherwise known as The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth has always been a pleaser to fans from all over the world. Adding 32 new menu items this year, the Calgary Stampede is just upping the ante for stampede goers, offering them delicious new food items and some that have people asking themselves if they would even dare to try them.

No big outdoor event would be anything without the fan favorite foods which the stampede offers. Now they have taken some old favorites and added new twists like the chocolate cookie dough that has been dipped in chocolate and served on a stick. For those crunch lovers out there, people could try the cookie dough that has been dipped in a batter and then deep-fried and then sprinkled with icing sugar.

An odd but flavorful choice is the new deep-fried donut bacon cheeseburgers. Nothing for the imagination here, just a deliciously flavored donut hugging a good old bacon cheeseburger.  Another deep-fried fan favorite would be the new deep-fried sushi. Anything with a crunch has to be yummy.

Some international infused new menu items that the Calgary Stampede is offering for visitors to eat if they have adventurous taste buds would be the fried pickle pizza. A regular pizza added with fried pickle chips gives this favorite an interesting twist. That is not the only pizza that is new on the menu. This next pizza is definitely only for hard-core foodies and not for those with a weak stomach. The scorpion pizza. That is right, a delicious pizza with crunchy, once crawly, scorpions topping it off. Not sure how many serious foodies is out there but this scorpion pizza is a conversation piece if anything else.

Tequila fries are also a new addition and sounds yummy to say the least. Visitors of the stampede this year can also try out the poutine burger, polish poutine which incorporates perogies into the delicious classic. There is even a turkey dinner poutine that infuses cranberries, mashed potatoes and peas into the Quebec inspired poutine.

There are corn dogs galore, the Kowabunga is a sausage corn dog, there is also the Tokyo teriyaki and Shanghai sweet chili corn dogs.

Taking sliders to a whole new level, the stampede is offering this year a chance to try out some crocodile sliders served with lettuce and tomato, another serious foodies only item.

Cotton candy has been given a new lift with the artistically spun cotton candy into beautiful flowers. So pretty, almost too pretty to eat. Red velvet mini donuts sounds delicious after being drizzled in cream cheese glaze. Remember the candy apple? This year try out the skittles candy apple, with skittles being coated around that crunchy red candy.

With 32 new food menu items being added to the Calgary Stampede this year, many are asking if they would be able to try them all. One thing for sure is that some serious foodies will be brave enough to try the more exotic menu dishes where as some will stick to the more familiar and try out the Million Dollar Baby mac and cheese.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw

Calgary Stampede

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