Captain America vs Which Adversary?

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Captain America has faced off against many adversaries through his time with Marvel comics however there is another war that he has yet to face. That would be his counterpart in the D.C Comics universe, yet there is a problem to this. No one is certain as to who his counterpart is. There are theories but everyone is still uncertain and will continue to be until it becomes clear.

One of the first theories is that Superman is his counterpart. Many people stand behind this theory because of a few facts. The first reason is because of what they stand for, each of these characters stand for the ideals of truth, justice and the American way. The argument that is out there is that Superman is not American but comes from Krypton. He also has so many powers that not many other characters have. Second connection that people try to make is through their costumes. People believe that just because they have the same main colors as one other than obviously they have to be counterparts. A third reason is because both of these characters were created around the World War II so they each inspired people to fight for justice.

The second candidate of an adversary for Captain America is Batman. Both of these men are very particular on making plans for each of the adversaries that they face. Both also do not really have any powers but rely on the training that they have under gone through their lives. While Bruce received his training from the League of Shadows and the art of assassination, Captain America learned his training from the United States Army to fight the forces of evil that was working through the Nazi regime under the guise of Hydra.

Another option would be The Guardian. Both men do not have powers and carry an indestructible shield. Being created by the same person does not really hurt the idea that maybe they are counterparts either. The story of the Guardian compared to Captain America has many similarities. The story of the Guardian comes to a man who was a cop hunting down criminals as a vigilante. He ends up taking in these boys who he trains on the idea of them being good boys. These boys later age and become the heads of Cadmus Lab and save his life by transferring his mind into a body of a clone. Most of the Guardian story lines lead to the idea of clones that escaped Cadmus labs.

As for Captain America he was created through the government testing the super-solider serum. The original Captain America became frozen in time and was later revived in a modern day world with many mysteries ahead of him. He faced many trials and ended up traveling through time several times through his story.

Out of these three choices, The Guardian would be the best choice of Captain America’s D. C Comic counterpart. The facts just seem to fit together and their story lines are very similar to one another. When the time comes of a fight between Marvel and D.C Comics, the odds are in favor of Captain America’s adversary being the Guardian.

By Nathan Sullivan



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