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Disney: Linking the Stories Together



Disney has a very long tradition of linking each of their movies together for years. It accomplishes this goal through many sneaky connections called Easter eggs that are hidden in the films. Most people would overlook these little details that attempt to connect the films. It takes a person who is really watching closely to see these details. Since there are people out there who take notice of these little things, it has caused some theories to be made. Some of these connections within the movies are quite obvious and can be seen by anyone. Other movies make sure that people are paying attention to find these mischievous Easter eggs.

An example of the more difficult connection comes from the new Disney classic Frozen. On coronation day of Elsa, Rapunzel and Eugene aka Flynn Rider are seen entering the castle with the rest of the guests. In noticing this fact it has made few people question the connection of these characters.

Moviegoers have been known to say on blogs that they considered the theory that Rapunzel is the cousin of Elsa and Anna. Coming up with this theory goes to the release dates of the films. Tangled came out three years ago and in the song, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, you see Anna’s and Elsa’s parents leaving for a two week voyage. In which it is speculated that they are heading to Rapunzel’s wedding day.

Others have connected these two Disney movies with a geographical theory which then links a third movie, The Little Mermaid. Elsa’s character is based off of a Norwegian fairy tale The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. Rapunzel being a German fable would put these kingdoms close together. With these two areas being mentioned it would make people infer that Little Mermaid, another of Han’s masterpieces, takes place close to Denmark.

People who have watched these movies have commented on the Internet that  the previous theory can be stretched a little farther to link one more movie as well, that movie is Tarzan. This theory is a little more far-fetched but it goes as thus, the parents of Elsa and Anna did not actually die when the boat sank. They drifted and ended up on an island where they had a child and then were killed by the jaguar. When Jane comes into Tarzan’s life and they look into his past at the tree-house, the photo is believed to be the parents only looking a little different. The theory is making Tarzan, Elsa, and Anna siblings.

There is a major theory that tries to connect thirty of Disney’s movies together, going from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to Tangled. It was created by Josh Butler in order to get people to think that the world of Disney is all taking place in one time line and not in different universes.

The world is experiencing the phenomenon of the theories being played out on television because of ABC’s Once Upon A Time. The show brings forth classic characters from the Disney universes such as Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Showing a different side of the characters and bringing their story to a new light. It also gives Disney a chance to change the ways characters meet and interact with each other.

It is highly possible that Disney has a massive idea of linking all of their movies in some way or other. It is also possible that all these theories are nothing more than just little jokes for the creators of Disney and nothing more than Easter eggs. The theories are going to stay out there for people to continue to think on and question what is going on until Disney comes out and says whether or not they are doing it on purpose.

Opinion By Nathan Sullivan

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