Chicago Suffered From Excessive Gun Violence Over Fourth of July Weekend


Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is currently focusing on the ongoing gun violence that has occurred over the course of this summer season. Chicago suffered from an excessive amount of gun violence over Fourth of July weekend and reached numbers that exceeded those of other cities throughout the nation. Many Chicagoans are left to question whether or not this problem will ever be resolved.

As of Monday afternoon, it was reported that Chicago suffered from a total of 82 shooting incidents that led to 14 deaths. That number has increased due to the deaths that occurred from hospitalized victims. Last Thursday was the start of the streak of the violent weekend and ended with nearly 21 shooting incidents on Sunday.

Chicago has become prominent in gun violence and have statistics that reach high numbers every year. Urban violence has skyrocketed in the city, leading to weekend violence that exceeds statistical numbers of various cities in the country. Some of Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods witness countless drive-by shootings, car-to-car attacks, home invasions and random shootings on the sidewalks and alleys. The violent weekend ended with a 44 year old woman being shot during a backyard barbeque that occurred early Monday morning at 12:30 a.m.

Along with the various gang-on-gang violence, there were reported incidents that involved minors possessing a gun over the bloody weekend. Warren Robinson, who was three days away from his seventeenth birthday, was shot to death by Chicago PD after he had pulled a gun on the officers following a chase. The officers defended themselves as Robinson refused to release the weapon. Pedro Rios, a 14 year old, was also fatally shot by police over the weekend when he refused to drop the pointed weapon.

Gun possession as a whole in Chicago has led to intensified and unresolvable problems in the eyes of the citizens. Mayor Emanuel has prioritized the gun-control issue in his city, but is still faced with high numbers weekly. As tolls from the excessive gun violence rises on a weekly basis in Chicago, this Fourth of July weekend suffered from excessive gun violence that led to 82 gun incidents, 14 deaths, and pending critical injuries.

Despite a high number of shootings that occurred over the holiday weekend, the year-to-date numbers have slightly decreased. Last year, a total of 2,185 people were either injured or killed due to gun violence. As of this month, 1,129 Chicagoans have been victims. In total, 185 have been murdered from gun-related incidents, where this time last year 196 people were killed. This points to a six percent decrease.

Banning the resale of guns as a whole was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in January. It was stated that banning gun shops in Chicago goes against the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment.

As the Fourth of July came to a bloody close in Chicago, the city in the heart of nation suffered from excessive gun violence. As of Monday, there were 82 reported gun incidents and 14 deaths. Gun control in this city has been an ongoing problem, facing higher numbers than Detroit, Los Angeles and New York. With the banning of gun shops going against the 2nd Amendment, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is left to face more pressure to prevent another weekend of violent statistics.

By Tricia Manalansan

ABC News Chicago
Los Angeles Times
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